Are you looking for a job in IT/IS? Discover the Qim info recruitment process 


Becoming a Qim info collaborator means joining a team of enthusiasts, by becoming a consultant for our clients or by integrating in our Competence centres. 

Key steps of Qim info’s recruitment process

Telephone interview

Our team of recruiters is your first point of contact. Listening to you, their job is to understand your journey, and to take into account your life plan and your expectations in order to offer you missions that best suit you.

Technical validation

Depending on your area of expertise, you have the possibility of exchanging and speaking on technical subjects with one of our employees. This allows us to better understand your strengths and areas for improvement and to present you transparently to our clients.

Physical interview

Context, constitution of the team in place, objectives, technical expertise requested, challenges to be taken on: this interview with one of our Business managers allows you to know in detail the assignments or projects on which we could be called upon to work together.

Hiring proposal

A job in IT, at the position that best suits you!


Have you been recruited to join our teams of IT/IS engineers?
Discover our integration course and support


Whether you start directly on an assignment with a client or on a project within our development platform, you are supported by our internal teams from the very first day, then supported throughout your career at Qim info.


Initially, our administrative teams will accompany you, answer all your questions and present our internal tools to you on your first days at Qim info.

Have you been recruited on profile?

You are welcomed by the Resource Manager and your Business Manager and you join our development platform. Coaching, training, participation in our internal projects or on a fixed price basis: this moment will allow you to prepare yourself in the best possible way for future assignments.

Have you been recruited for an assignment?

You benefit from close follow-up with your manager responsible for the account. Assignment reviews and an annual interview allow you to discuss prospects in terms of assignment, training and career development.


Because we picture our collaboration over the long term and it is through the success of all of its players that Qim info’s development is built, developing your skills is essential and constitutes a real added value. So, we offer you training regularly.


The functioning of Qim info is based on the development and comfort of its employees through managerial proximity, listening and convivialityThis is why different events are organised throughout the year.

Corporate events

The practices of our consultants and the technologies they operate are information that we disseminate via direct feedback in the form of Tech Talks called Qim Talks. Beyond our blog, this allows everyone to present and discuss topics that are important to them and to create constructive debates in which everyone interacts with each other. 

Recognising everyone’s efforts has always seemed to us to be an important part of our corporate culture. Life does not end outside the office and we know that behind each and every one of our consultants, there may be a spouse or family. We therefore organise a weekend every year in which everyone can participate with their loved ones. 

In the service, assignments are generally carried out with clients and outside company premises, sometimes in a very isolated manner. Keeping a company cohesive therefore starts with a better knowledge of each other; that is why informal and monthly meetings are arranged and allow everyone to interact. 

Every quarter, we organise integration evenings to allow our new employees to meet everyone and so that their introduction at Qim info goes smoothly! 

Working at Qim info, it’s to integrate a strong business culture


Following our founders’ footsteps, we chose to keep a human approach based on 3 pillars 

Reasoned growth 

Because we rely on lasting relationships with our clients, we know how to control the risks associated with the integration of our consultants. This allows us to build our growth in a reasoned way and on a strong footing. 

Availability of our managers to our employees and our clients 

While our managers are attentive to new needs, they are also present to monitor assignment progress. Through their operational knowledge of our business, they know how to listen to our clients and guide our employees. 

Constantly improving

It is important for us to work well before working a lot. It is by mastering our processes and by the quality of the results produced that we are able to respond to increasingly ambitious challenges. 

Human values

The success of a mission in IT engineering is as much a matter of human relations as of technological mastery. 

Because a successful assignment is first and foremost a fulfilled consultant, we strive to offer assignments that allow our employees to highlight their skills and progress. Whenever possible, we allow them to choose from the various options available. 

Since our creation, very few of our employees have left us for any reason other than the integration into one of our clients’ teams. 

Our frank relationships and our proximity form the integration conditions that allow us to start the assignments in the best conditions.

Two company evenings a year and a festive weekend further strengthen the ties established on a daily basis.


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