Qim info, an expert IT/IS company in Geneva 


Created in the canton of Geneva in 2005, Qim info was initially offering a consultancy service for our clients. This activity was supplemented by services around the development of specific software by consultants directly attached to the agency. 

From 2016, we have consolidated individual skills by associating consultants with centres: 

  • the Microsoft centre,  
  • the Data centre, 
  • and the DevOps centre. 

Currently, the agency brings together most of the cross-functional services of a company as well as more than 220 consultants who fulfil all the roles around the development and operation of an information system.                                                                                                          

Our consultants and teams now support a wide range of IT/IS projects in: 

  • business analysis,  
  • implementation,  
  • test management,  
  • setting up environments (physical/virtualised, on-premise/cloud, hybrid), 
  • accompaniment or support,  
  • project management,  
  • etc. 

We work with clients who operate in the majority of the sectors present in our geographic area: public administration, watchmaking, industry, health, banking & insurance, international organisations, commodities, etc. 

Through our sales team and our recruiting team, we are constantly making the connections that allow IT/IS businesses and departments to find the skills that meet their needs; but also allow consultants to build their career by increasing their experience in different fields. 

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