Company ethos

We wish to provide our clients with solutions to their needs in the field of computing and the professions we support.


Our team of recruitment consultants is your first point of contact.
Passionate and at your disposal , their role is to understand your career path and to take account of your life plan in order to offer you projects which suit you.
We also develop good relationships with schools in order to find individuals with strong human and technical potential as early as possible.

Hiring process

Two types of recruitment are possible: based on the candidate’s profile (direct recruitment) or with a particular project in mind. Our recruiters select the candidates,  send them for a technical interview, and then a qualification interview with one or several managers. A permanent contract is always the preferred option.


Our team members benefit from close monitoring by the account manager. Project reviews and an annual interview allow the subject of prospects in terms of projects, training and career development to be raised.


Our consultants’ technological skills are improved by regular training sessions and by integration in centres of expertise.

Company’s life

The practices of our consultants and the technologies they use are information that we broadcast via direct feedbacks of experiences in shape of Tech Talks called Qim Talks in order to have more local flavors.

Beyond the blog that we maintain, it allows us to present and exchange about topics that we care for and to create constructive discussions where everyone gains from each other.

The recognition of everyone efforts has always been an important element of our company culture. Life does not stop outside of the office and we know that behind each of our consultants there might be a spouse or a family. That is why we organize every year a week-end where everyone can participate with their closed ones.

Into the service the missions ususally take place at the client’s and outside of the company’s offices, sometime in a very isolated way. Keeping an entreprise’s cohesion start by a better knowledge of each other, that is why informal and monthly meetings are organized and allow everyone to exchange.


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by position, by agency, by seniority.

Human values

The success of a IS and IT engineering project is just as much a question of human relationships as of technological mastery.

Because a successful project depends first of all on a happy consultant, we strive to offer projects which allow our team members to showcase their skills and make progress. Whenever possible, we allow them to choose between the different options available.

Since our creation, very few of our team members have left us for a reason other than to join our clients’ teams.

Our open relationships and our closeness provide conditions for integration which allow projects to begin under the best possible conditions.

Two corporate evenings per year and a weekend of festivities further strengthen the links established on a daily basis.

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