Our attributes

Our expertise in quality.

22 months
Average length of projects.


Response time to a request:
1 week for a consulting project;
2 weeks for a turn-key project.


40% of our applications lead to a client interview;
45% of the consultants met are assigned to the project;
50% of our offers lead to the launch of a project.


We always have available consultants.

Our Values

The success of a mission in computer science engineering is as much a question of human relations than it is a matter of technological mastery.


At Qim info, trust is built through our engagement taken over the time and in all transparency. Our collaborators evolve into a regular framework (mission follow-up, annual interview, formation plan). This allows us to make sure to have the most adequate client relationship and at the same time make possible the dialogue, the solidarity and the cohesion.

We trust our collaborators, our clients and our capacity to improve ! 


The functionnement of Qim info lays on the fulfillment and the confort of the collaborators through the management proximity, the listening and the friendliness. This proximity is maintained through regular encounters, proposed into the agency for the QimTalks presentations, outdoor for the Last Thursdays or even during the annual week-end where all collaborators gather to share a friendly time.

For our clients, if the proximity is geographic, it also is on other aspects. Know-how allows us to better understand their needs and to bring adequate solutions through our consultants interventions.


The dynamism animate Qim info spirit within our different activity poles. It is built on our novelties curiosity and on the experience already acquired. It speaks through the entrusted missions and projects diversity.

The formations offered and the Qim Talks presentations also allow the collaborators to share their knowledge.

We also give them the opportunity to evolve, to train and to take challenges, because it is through success of all the people that is built Qim info development, by bringing new solutions leaning on strong foundations.

Company ethos

With the benefit of our founders’ experience, we have chosen to adopt a people-based approach built on 3 foundations:

Sustainable growth

Because we focus on developing long-term relationships with our clients, we are able to manage the risks linked to the integration of our consultants. This allows us to grow in a sustainable manner and on increasingly sound bases.

Availability of our managers for our clients and team members

Although our managers are attentive to new requirements, they are also there to monitor the progress of projects. Through their operational knowledge of our business, they know how to listen to our clients and guide our team members.

Constantly improving

It is more important for us to work “well” rather than to work “a lot”. It is through the mastery of our processes and the quality of the results we produce that we are able to respond to increasingly ambitious challenges.

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