Our offer

For assignments of a project or delegacy, whether technological or business oriented,
our services are multiple, diversified and adapted to your requirements.

Consultants with the expertise you require

Our consultants are engineers or technical experts with considerable experience, who will work with your teams and place their skills at your service.

Tailor-made solutions

In local or nearshore mode, we are able to combine cultural proximity and geographic distance to provide you with the best solutions at the fairest price.

Centres of expertise

Some of our consultants are banded together around competences’s poles. The animation around those poles allows us to clear out services and a dedicated expertise.

We can among those quote :

  • the Microsoft pole with Gold partnerships (Application Development, Collaboration & Content) or Silver.
  • the Data pole that faces this issue depending on multiple aspects (DataScience, BI, ETL).
  • the UX/UI pole, essential factor to the success of the new tools appropriation.
  • the Java pole that gathers developping skills around this technology.


Business Analysis, Intégration, IT Service Management, Project Management etc. are among our skills that lean on those poles when it is necessary.


From preliminary drafts to the operation of a solution, our skill-sets cover the life-cycle of different types of IT projects.

Project types

As business analysts/functional analysts, developers, testers and integrators, our consultants will be able to develop and integrate your tailor-made software programs and products.

Using on-premises or cloud architecture, LAN or WAN, relational databases or not, level 1 support or higher, our skills will allow you to implement and operate the platform necessary for your software solutions in the best way possible.

Advice and project monitoring
From the beginning of the project, we are able to support our clients and give them the keys to manage the project which will lead to its success.

Profile types

Thanks to their experience, our consultants are able to act with agility. They understand all business, development and operation-related problems.

35 years old

95 %



They trust us : government organisations, industries, banks and international organisations etc.

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