Personal data protection policy


The privacy and personal data of our candidates, employees and users of our websites are essential for us. This privacy policy applies to the collection and further processing of your personal data collected during recruitment processes or when you visit the company’s website.

Personal data collected by the company

As part of our recruitment and talent-sourcing processes, the company collects information in the candidate’s CV and the history of telephone and face-to-face conversations. In the interests of data accuracy, the company asks individuals in its ‘Candidate’ database to update their CVs every two years. After this time, the company shall delete all information about the individual in question.

About the 'Cookies' we use

Our website uses « cookies » to collect information related to your visits: Browsers used, traffic data, number of users, geographical data, operating systems used, devices used (PC, smartphone, tablets, etc.), web page preferences, browsing history, number of page views, number of clicks on a video, addresses of websites previously visited if the user has clicked on a partner link, etc., (e.g., a publication on social media has led the user to one of our subsidiaries’ websites).

Collecting this information helps us improve the interactivity of our sites and services and thereby facilitate your web user experience.
The company’s ‘Marketing and Communication’ department collects this data—with your consent given when you first visit the site—for the strict purpose of marketing and statistical analysis.
The data processed by the company’s services are anonymised raw data. The data collected is kept for 13 months in accordance with the law. Beyond this time, you will be once again asked for your consent.
To learn more about cookies, how they work, and how to object to them, consult the European Data Protection Supervisor website at

Your rights

By Regulation 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access, rectify, and delete your personal data. Please send your request to

We ask that you provide proof of your identity for all requests for access, rectification, and opposition rights. If you cannot prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you your personal data. We endeavour to respond to these requests within the time limits required by law.


We make the security of collected data a priority. Our concern is to preserve the quality and integrity of your personal data.

We implement best practices in IT security at all levels to best protect our systems. In addition, our employees who process your data undergo awareness-raising sessions on data protection rules.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following email address: