Qim info Zurich – Welcome Ilona !

It´s been 3 months since I joined Qim Info, and I am pleased to share my impressions about it.

Having no great knowledge about the IT industry, I was afraid it will be a big challenge for me.
However very systematic methods, and detailed steps, training and explanations I was given by my colleague Erwan and Qim Info management, and a very thorough guidance made it greatly easier, and more enjoyable.

It’s a challenging job in many ways, and so is the current time we are all facing, yet with our heads up, and care for each other, we try to step forward as much as possible.

Beside my teammate in Zurich, I am very happy and I feel very welcomed by the rest of the Qim Info team, even though we just had the online communication till now.

I often receive small messages of praise and encouragement, and it means a lot.

I will be happy to meet all the team finally in person as soon as the situation with Covid calms down (hopefully soon) 🙂


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