What are the best IT services and consulting companies?

Are you looking for the best IT services and consulting companies? Discover our comparison of Qim info (not sponsored).


What is an IT services and consulting company?

IT services and consulting companies offer a range of IT services to other organisations in need of external resources to successfully complete their IT projects. Depending on their specific expertise, IT services companies possess a wide and varied range of skills. Most commonly, these include:

  • Software development, to design and develop the custom business application that meets your company’s needs.
  • Outsourcing, by taking charge of your organisation’s information system, including its security, maintenance, monitoring, and user support.
  • System integration, such as Cloud services or collaborative tools, to simplify collaboration between your teams.
  • Optimisation through data, enabling continuous enhancement of your business vision and using your data to improve your performance.

Beyond the technical aspect, IT services companies also offer consulting services to define your exact needs and propose the most suitable solution, as well as training offers to support your users through your company’s technological transition.

When might you need an IT services company?

There are several scenarios in which an organisation most often turns to an IT services company:

  • Your internal teams lack the time to successfully complete a specific project,
  • You have made changes to your information system and wish your employees to be trained in the new practices,
  • Due to a lack of internal resources, you wish to delegate the management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure,
  • For a given project, you need to call upon experts with very specific skills for a certain period,
  • You have identified a problem in your information system but do not know how to solve it or which solution to adopt,
  • You wish to optimise your recruitment and training costs by seeking experts working for an IT services company.

If you have identified a weakness in your information system or in your business processes, do not hesitate to consult an IT services and consulting company to see if they can support you in your evolution.

How much does it cost to use an IT services company?

It would be incorrect to provide a price range here for the expertise of an IT services company.
The cost of services varies according to many factors, such as the type of services desired, the location and duration of the assignment, the number of experts required as well as their level of qualification, the complexity of the assignment, or the technologies needed to achieve it. All these parameters must be considered to define the cost of an expert team’s intervention.

Make sure to inquire thoroughly to choose the IT services company that matches your collaboration mode, IT needs, and values. Do not hesitate to contact several, meet your interlocutors, and study the different proposals made to you.

What are the best IT services companies?

It is difficult to define which IT services company is the best, as this directly correlates with the types of projects, needs, and constraints of the client organisations. However, we can rely on official rankings.

As every start of the year, the ICT Journal, the most important specialised media in Western Switzerland, publishes the top 100 of the largest IT companies in Western Switzerland for the year 2023. On the podium, we find:

  1. Swisscom Business Customers, with 915 employees for its IT B2B activities only
  2. ELCA Informatique, with 570 employees
  3. Qim info, with 521 employees

This ranking is based on the staff numbers of each of these IT services companies. For more details, we invite you to consult our article “IT services and consulting companies: ranking and list of the best IT services and consulting companies in Western Switzerland!

Qim info: your partner for implementing your IT tools

At Qim info, we understand that your project is like no other. Its unique nature requires an equally unique response. Since 2004, more than 120 clients from trading, watchmaking, health, aeronautics, or international organisations, to name but a few, have been supported in achieving their ambitions.

To find the missing piece for your project, we offer a sourced delegation service: our team of recruiters is tasked with finding the skills and profiles that match your need. Are your constraints prompting you to explore an alternative to full-time delegation? The experts making up our Centre of Expertise are also capable of advising and supporting you on the most suitable course of action for your situation.

To provide you with the best possible solution, we take the time to get to know you, understand you, and cultivate our relationship.

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