IT Services and Consulting Companies: Ranking and List of the Best in French-speaking Switzerland!

IT Services and Consulting Companies: Ranking and List of the Best in French-speaking Switzerland!

Discover the ranking and the list of the best IT services and consulting companies in French-speaking Switzerland and our advice for choosing the one you want to collaborate with.

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For several years, French-speaking Switzerland has established itself as a key player in digital transformation. In 2021, the country reached first place in the Global Innovation Index 2021 and the sixth rank in the general classification of the World Digital Competitiveness in 2020. Thus, Switzerland affirms its status as a competitive country in the digital sector.

Digital Services Companies, also known as IT services and consulting companies,are a major lever in the evolution and digital transformation of companies, regardless of their size or sector of activity. They are defined by thesale of a wide range of computer services and solutions within a Business to Business (B2B) model. Among them, we find consultancy, the design of new computer tools, the development of existing digital interfaces, data analysis, cybersecurity, training, maintenance, engineering… These services are numerous!

Our article offers a focus on Qim info and the IT services and consulting companies in French-speaking Switzerland. From areas of expertise to the ranking of the ICT journal 2022, the digital giants of the French-speaking territory will have no more secrets for you. You will also find our best advice for choosing an IT services and consulting company if you need a service, or even to work there as a collaborator.

What areas of expertise do these IT services and consulting companies cover?

The expertise field of an IT services and consulting company is vast! Indeed, with increasingly varied specialisations, clients have a wide choice. However, a core remains common to each of these IT services and consulting companies, which we can group into 4 main areas:

  • The development of computer tools in outsourcing management: one of the main missions of the IT services and consulting company is to provide a computer response to its client’s needs. This involves guaranteeing the optimization and security of the tool at all times, both remotely and in person. This includes, among others, cybersecurity, maintenance of tools (whether existing or provided by the IT services and consulting company) or the management of infrastructures.

  • System integration, which covers in particular the development of applications, the search for communication solutions between heterogeneous computer systems, but also license management and technical assistance.
  • Consultancy,in terms of organisation, business processes, in change management for example. It is, moreover, a crucial competence of the IT services and consulting company: sometimes, clients have a well-defined need and can perfectly articulate their expectations; other times, they encounter a problem or a difficulty and need advice to adopt a strategy or a solution adapted to their situation. This is all the added value of an IT services and consulting company.
  • Training and user assistance: forget the cliché of the computer scientist secluded in their cave. The primary mission of an IT services and consulting company is to communicate with its client and it is even one of your fundamental values at Qim info. Whether it is about organising trainings for the teams or offering personalised assistance, an IT services and consulting company responds above all to a client’s need and the quality of the relationship between the two parties is paramount.

What are Qim info’s areas of expertise? Founded in 2004, our company offers a delegation service which puts you in touch with profiles corresponding to your specific needs. We now count more than 600 consultants spread across Geneva, Lausanne, Annecy, Zurich, and Basel, who put their skills at your disposal across more than 15 professions, such as Business Analyst, DevOps Engineer, Designer, Integrator… Combining human interaction with efficiency, we operate in more than a dozen different activity sectors, from watchmaking to aeronautics and including insurance.

We recommend high-performing experts, ready to fully commit to each of the projects entrusted to them.

Moreover, we affirm our know-how through the pointed specialisations of the six departments of our Centre of Expertise:

With more than 120 clients in Switzerland and France, we are recognised for the quality of our interventions and our commitment in the IT sector, which is notably reflected through different rankings. To learn more, we invite you to consult our article presenting our IT group.

Ranking of the Best IT Services and Consulting Companies in French-speaking Switzerland

We have good news: French-speaking Switzerland hosts a multitude of IT services and consulting companies that compete in innovations to distinguish themselves from each other. It is now time to detail the different rankings that exist: by workforce, by employers, by turnover, and by seniority.

Ranking by Workforce

The ranking by workforce is established by the ICT Journal for several years, and the last one dates from 2023. In terms of methodology, ICT Journal sends an online questionnaire to IT services and consulting companies, to find out how many employees each of them employs in French-speaking Switzerland as of September 1, 2022, then establishes the top 100. You can find the detailed results in the article “Top 100 2023 : The Largest IT Companies in French-speaking Switzerland”.

Not only does Qim info occupy the 3rd place in the top 100, but our company is also at the top in the canton of Geneva!

Rank Company Workforce
1 Qim info 390
2 Swisscom Business Customers


3 Cross-Systems 220
4 Mantu 205
5 Infomaniak 195

Top 5 of the workforce ranking of IT services and consulting companies in the canton of Geneva in 2022 (according to ICT Journal)

Moreover, our evolution is remarkable since our entry into the ranking in 2016, as illustrated by the graph below:

Evolution de Qim info

Our CEO, Vincent Flatin, when he mentions our 3rd place in the ranking, specifies that:

Our 3rd place in the ICT ranking reflects the continuous expansion of our scope of intervention over several years, in terms of projects and skills.

Now let’s move on to the ranking by employers, established by Glassdoor.

Ranking of IT Services and Consulting Companies on Glassdoor

The protocol used by Glassdoor to obtain a ranking of the Best Employers is not based on a company’s declarations, but on the reviews of employees (anonymous) themselves. Thus, as highlighted by Glassdoor, “If a company’s employees do not post reviews on Glassdoor during the eligibility period, the company will not be able to be considered in the ranking of Best Employers.”

That’s why we’re particularly happy to obtain a rating of 4.1/ 5 and to collect so many positive reviews on Glassdoor.


Indeed, these results reflect our strong commitment to our collaborators, since our goal is to offer an inspiring framework so that everyone can flourish and evolve with our clients.

Thus, we do everything to ensure a smooth integration and optimise their career prospects. Thanks to the presence of a Business Manager, they are accompanied to prepare effectively for the missions entrusted to them, through coaching, among other means. Similarly, in order to stay at the forefront of innovation in a constantly transforming sector, training and certifications are regularly offered to them.

Moreover, Qim info also attaches great importance to the personal fulfilment of each and organises many events to strengthen the bonds between teams. Annual weekends, last Thursdays aperitifs, welcome parties, Qim talks… The opportunities are numerous! This is undoubtedly one of the factors that allowed us to obtain the HappyIndex®AtWork label in Switzerland and France.

Let’s now examine the rankings of IT services and consulting companies in French-speaking Switzerland by turnover and by seniority.

The IT services and consulting companies currently present in French-speaking Switzerland do not have the same seniority on the market. Let’s take the ranking of the ICT Journal by workforce and see the creation dates of the first 10 IT services and consulting companies in alphabetical order:

  1. ANSAM Group: 2020

  2. Antaes: 2007

  3. Bechtle Suisse SA: 1983

  4. Cross-Systems: 1987

  5. ELCA informatique : 1968

  6. Infomaniak: 1997

  7. Mantu: 2007

  8. Qim info : 2004

  9. Swisscom Business Customers: 1998

  10. Sword Group: 2000

Half of them were founded in the 2000s, the others are older. However, it is a tour de force for young companies to be part of this top!

Thus, with 19 years of existence, Qim info is not only part of this ranking but occupies the 3rd place.

How to Choose the Best IT Services and Consulting Company in French-speaking Switzerland?

Whether for clients or talents, choosing an IT services and consulting company to work with may seem tricky. That’s why we offer you some advice to refine your searches and find the best possible option.

Our Advice for Choosing the Best IT Services and Consulting Company to Collaborate With

If you wish to outsource your IT project, here are some criteria to take into account to precisely define your needs and find the IT services and consulting company that will be able to meet them:

The Specialisation of the IT Services and Consulting Company

What are the priority services for your company? Do they seem sufficiently mastered by the IT services and consulting companies that interest you?

The strength of Qim info lies in its ability to offer a wide range of services,ranging from business analysis to application architecture, including development, testing, integration, and data. Whether you need an expert in computer equipment maintenance or a DevOps specialist, we have the skills and profiles adapted to bring the missing piece to your project.

The Experience of the IT Services and Consulting Company

This is more complex data than it seems: when we talk about experience, we refer to the company’s age, but also to a collaborator’s experience, and even to the concrete achievements of the IT services and consulting company. Indeed, a young IT services and consulting company may be your ideal interlocutor, to the extent that it employs seasoned collaborators and that it already has beautiful achievements to its credit. Take an interest in the partners of the IT services and consulting company you have spotted, inform yourself to know if collaborations have lasted over the long term or just the time of a contract.

For example, at Qim info, we now group together 120 clients in the health, luxury, watchmaking, banking, aeronautics, insurance, trading, and international organisations sectors. This diversity demonstrates our flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific needs of each domain. Trust, professionalism, and transparency are the key ingredients of all our achievements.

The Values and Reputation of the IT Services and Consulting Company

The values of the IT services and consulting company can also be taken into account. For example, if you are engaged in a responsible approach, identify the IT services and consulting companies that share this commitment. As for the reputation, it is easily verifiable, by word of mouth of course, but also by the labels, certifications, and other places in the rankings that we mentioned above.

Ecovadis Qim info

In this regard, Qim info has made and continues to make its mark. Indeed, our commitment goes beyond simply providing services. Our action is deeply rooted in a concern for the well-being of our collaborators and respect for the environment. We have proof of this thanks to the silver medal awarded by EcoVadis, the global standard for CSR assessments, which recognises our constant effort in terms of social responsibility.

Are You an Employee? Here Are Our Tips for Working in the Best IT Services and Consulting Company

We have synthesised for you some leads to find the company that will allow you to fully flourish.

Learn About the Company Culture

As in any job search process, it is important to learn about the company’s values, culture, and working methods. This will allow you to determine if the IT services and consulting company matches your values and professional expectations.

At Qim info, our company culture is based on the values of well-being at work, responsible commitment, and transparency. Following a survey carried out among our collaborators to evaluate well-being at work,we obtained a score of 4.29/5 in 2018. In 2021, this score climbed to 4.31/5! The fulfilment of our collaborators is a concern in its own right.

Finally, transparency is an essential characteristic of our company culture. We strive to maintain fluid communication with our collaborators, to promote a stimulating and trustworthy working environment

Show Your Expertise and Passion

IT services and consulting companies provide pointed expertise in the specific domains of IT to accompany their clients. Therefore, it is essential to show the extent of your skills in the IT sector. Show that your domain is mastered in the smallest details. Do not hesitate to train yourself in parallel to refine your skills and acquire new ones. Versatility will be highly appreciated in a sector where missions are as diversified. Finally, Finally, join communities of enthusiasts and make your participation known. For example, if you specialise in DevOps, do not hesitate to join existing communities: you will learn as much as you can teach others, while proving your passion for your domain.

Qim info recognises the importance of continuous training and encourages its collaborators to constantly improve themselves.

Leverage Your Network

A solid network can open doors and allow you to access interesting opportunities. It remains a choice lever to find the best IT services and consulting company as an employee. Highlight your letters of recommendation and your relationships, it never goes unnoticed.

We also invite you to follow our collaborators on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, French-speaking Switzerland stands out for its dynamism in the IT sector, represented by IT Services and Consulting Companies like Qim info. Combining a sense of service and human values, Qim info is present to offer you the best of IT expertise.

It is difficult to affirm that certain IT services and consulting companies are to be avoided, a structure cannot correspond to all profiles or projects. However, if you’re concerned about potential disappointments, you can effectively gather information through company review websites. Customer feedback will be your best ally. You can also ask your network for recommendations. Finally, it is important to take the time to exchange with the IT services and consulting companies to find the approach that seems most appropriate to you.

In any case, whether you are a company or a future candidate, it is essential to conduct thorough research on IT services and consulting companies and to take the time to compare them before setting your choice!

The ICT 2022 ranking groups together the 100 major IT services and consulting companies in French-speaking Switzerland. Here is an abridged list, which presents the first 10 in the ranking in alphabetical order:

  • ANSAM Group
  • Antaes
  • Bechtle Switzerland AG
  • Cross-Systems
  • ELCA Informatique SA
  • Infomaniak
  • Mantu
  • Qim info
  • Swisscom Business Customers
  • Sword Group

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