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Our Data & Innovation division serves as your dedicated IT partner for Data Management

Each business has its distinct requirements for data management, which is why we’ve established our Data & Innovation division here at Qim info.

With a tailored approach, we attentively listen to understand your needs and expectations, enabling us to provide a bespoke solution covering data collection, transformation, storage, governance, security, and enhancement.

Ensuring compliance with up-to-date regulations like the HPA falls within our area of expertise. Together, let’s identify what’s missing in your project.


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Your requirements are unique, and so are our solutions. At Qim info, we fully adapt to your context: our flexibility is our strength.

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Our services are completely customisable. Let’s meet to assess your needs and determine the necessary actions to take, all while staying within your budget constraints.

Staff Skilled in Their Respective Fields

With nearly two decades specialising in IT, our meticulously chosen employees have demonstrated their expertise and continually update their skills through new certifications, affirming their dedication.


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Comprehensive Expertise for All-Encompassing Care

Strategy -
Business Analysis

A coherent strategic vision is crucial for aligning your data management with your business aims. To this end, we scrutinise your existing processes, pinpoint opportunities, and craft a bespoke data strategy. The outcome is a tactical blueprint for maximising your data utilisation.


We construct a tailored architecture to handle, store, and leverage your data. By utilising the right technologies, we ensure both the accessibility and security of your data.

Governance - Compliance - Change Management

Choose an ethical, high-performance approach to data management that aligns with your company’s regulations and aspirations. This not only ensures your data’s compliance but also enhances your agility and fosters a transparent data environment.

Data Engineering - Data Science

Let’s transform your raw data into valuable insights. Our engineers establish pipelines for data processing and storage, whilst our data scientists glean knowledge through detailed analysis. This collective effort empowers you to make well-informed decisions and refine your operations.

Business Intelligence - Reporting

We convert raw data into strategic intelligence using cutting-edge analysis tools and tailored reports. Our Business Intelligence solutions offer clear visualisations and real-time analytics, enabling you to strategically position yourself in relation to industry trends.

Master Data

We implement solutions that centralise, coordinate, and control your data. By eliminating duplicates, we establish a single, dependable source, providing your company with a coherent, unified data view that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Storage Solutions

We provide a range of storage solutions, including onsite, cloud, and hybrid options. After evaluating your data volume, security requirements, and access needs, we design a robust, scalable storage architecture. This ensures not only secure data management but also streamlines your daily operations while making data retrieval and analysis more straightforward.

Data Pipelines
on Cloud

Speed and accuracy are of the essence in data management; your data should be readily available whenever and wherever you need it. For this reason, we configure and automate data pipelines in the cloud, resulting in both enhanced reliability and swiftness in your data processing and transfer.


Key Stages in Setting Up a Data Project

We believe the success of any project hinges on its execution, which is why we offer comprehensive support at each step.

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Our Expert Team at Your Service

Since assuming the role of Head of the Data & Innovation department, I’ve been guided by a singular vision: to transform data into a strategic asset critical to the success of our clients.

I have the privilege of leading a cohesive team of 15 experts, each of whom exemplifies a unique blend of cutting-edge expertise and a deep-rooted passion for their work. With 79% of our team having over five years of experience in the field, we offer you not just qualified support but also a profound understanding of each project we undertake.

Yet beyond numbers and technical proficiency, our true strength resides in our heartfelt commitment to each project. We aim to do more than merely provide solutions; we build enduring partnerships, underpinned by attentive listening, trust, and innovation.

Ousmane Ba

Head of Department Data & Innovation

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