Qim info is Happy At Work !

For the 2nd time in a row, despite almost 2 years of forced distance, Qim info has received the HappyIndex®AtWork 2022 label with a score of 4,31/5! But in concrete terms, what does this label mean and how is it awarded?

Happy At Work, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

It is a distinction which allows  to evaluate the level of well-being at work of the employees of a company. This label is attributed by the company ChooseMyCompany which realizes a classification of the companies in which it is good to work. The process is free and allows employers to collect qualitative data on the level of employee satisfaction in the company.

At Qim info, human beings have always been at the heart of our projects, our businesses and our thinking. In 2021, despite the crisis which has considerably impacted our working methods, we decided to apply for the HappyIndex®AtWork label as it had already been done in 2018.

A complete questionnaire covering 6 themes was sent to all Qim info employees: Fun/Fun; Pride; Work organization; Managerial relationship; Professional development and Salary and recognition.

A HappyIndex®AtWork label, what does it change?

Obtaining this label for Qim info, represents a real achievement. In 2018, the company had already been awarded with a score of 4.06/5 and a recommendation rate of 86.4%. More than 3 years later, after a major health crisis that forced us all to change our work methods, forced us to significantly reduce our social interactions… Qim info gets a higher rating! It is a great pride to see that the teams remain strongly united despite a difficult context.

Moreover, this label also allows us to identify levers for improving well-being at work. Some actions had already been implemented in 2019, others will be implemented following this new survey in order to guarantee to each of Qim info’s employees a fulfillment within the company.

The survey in 3 key figures

  • 73.1% favorable opinion (66.6% in 2018)

  • 86.4% recommendation rate (identical in 2018)

  • rating of 4.31/5 (4.06/5 in 2018)

Thank you to all Qim info employees for their participation and congratulations for this great collective success!

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