Portrait of Adrien: “Qim info renewed my faith in digital services company”

Qim info: A trusted digital services company

Adrien Augé joined Qim info’s Zürich branch in February 2022 and is now a thriving collaborator. After several experiences in IT, this young “Test Automation Engineer” found everything he was looking for in a digital services company at Qim infoLet’s take a look at his career as a specialist in test phase automation, who has gradually, through his assignments, become a genuine expert in aviation. 

The journey through IT and software development often follows a winding road. Adrien Augé, a Test Automation Engineer, has carved a robust career in the aviation industry through his work with Qim info. Serving under a contract with a Swiss air traffic expert and as a Qim info employee for the past year and a half, Adrien has rediscovered his affinity for digital services companies, largely due to the favourable working conditions provided by our company. Now comfortably established in Zürich, the idea of reverting to his old ways is far from his mind. 

From engineering school to Airbus

Upon my graduation in 2013 from the École supérieure d’électronique de l’Ouest (ESEO) in Angers—one of France’s premier IT and electronics engineering schools—I had no inkling that my career would lead me to Switzerland and aviation software development,” shares the 33-year-old engineer Indeed, after completing my studies, I started my first job in Toulouse, a city renownedfor its aircraft manufacturing industry. At the time, a project was underway to upgrade the A320 Neo and validate FADEC—Full Authority Digital Engine Control—a system that controls all facet of aircraft engine performance from the cockpit. I was commissioned by a French company to work on this software’s certification for a year and a half.” 

The opportunity to move to Switzerland

Adrien was thrown headfirst into the deep end, surrounded by many fellow fresh graduates.

The issue for me was that I didn’t see a clear professional future in Toulouse and wanted see other horizons. When my contract ended, the digital services company I was working for suggested a move to Paris under the same salary conditions.

For many, this was not a viable option, so I took advantage of a contractual termination to seize the chance to relocate to Switzerland, a country that had always appealed to me.”

In his quest for a new role as a software and application tester, Adrien was approached by a British recruiter who offered him a contract with an aviation company located in Stans, a German-speaking region in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden. My experience in Toulouse was evidently a standout factor. This time, his scope shifted from an A320 to Pilatus Aircraft jets. His task was to develop on-board software for the Pilatus PC-21 (military aircraft) and Pilatus PC-24 (civil aircraft), on behalf of the Swiss aircraft manufacturer. For 6 years, I was responsible for software validation through testing phases. This verification was crucial for aircraft sales, as each country has different standards, and our software needed to comply before it could be shipped abroad. For instance, fuel for the PC-24 is stored in the wings, and a specific software is tasked with maintaining aircraft balance by regulating fuel distribution to each side.” 

Breaking monotony with Qim info

Following six dedicated years at his previous company, Adrien sensed it was time to chart a new course in his professional journey.I had a wonderful experience at Pilatus, and I continue to have strong ties with them, but I felt an urge to pursue something different. The monotony had begun to creep in, and the tasks were starting to feel somewhat repetitive, in spite of varying configurations based on the aircraft and destination countries. I knew that in Switzerland there were a lot of opportunities available, so I decided it was time for a change.” 

Adrien Augé subsequently entered into a contract with a train manufacturing firm, once again focusing on on-board computing.

“They had a tramway project, but it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. There was plenty of ambition, but not necessarily the resources to make it happen. That's when Erwan, head of business managers at the Qim info’s Zürich agency, contacted me because they needed a consultant for an air traffic control company.”

With a view to improve its operations, this Swiss specialist was looking to install software to streamline the management of arrivals and departures at Zürich airport. “After having interviews with the client and gaining assurance that I could effectively utilise my testing expertise, I decided to make my move to Qim info.”

Reestablishing trust in digital services companies

Adrien Augé’s initial interactions with the job market had cast a less-than-favourable light on digital services companies. However, his perception altered dramatically upon joining Qim info. “During my inaugural stint with a digital services company, I encountered an issue that is absent here: if projects cease, you’re relocated. This sort of situation is highly unsettling, especially when you’re already established in your personal life. Moreover, there was negligible investment in consultants, whereas at Qim info, there’s a genuine commitment to upskilling employees. Up until now, I haven’t required it, but I’m confident that if I do, my manager and the administrative teams will ensure it’s addressed. It’s truly rewarding to feel integrated into the team, rather than being seen as a temporary resource. 

This is why Adrien decided to give this operation style a second chance. “From my initial interaction with Erwan, I felt comfortable. Without even knowing if I’d be a good fit, he took the time to help me prepare for upcoming interviews. I felt that Qim info would be a place where I could thrive, and all the signs indicated that I was a great fit for the client’s project and the teams at the Zürich agency.” 

A seamless fit

Within a matter of days, Adrien became a part of both Qim info and the air traffic control company where he continues his work. “I was warmly welcomed at the agency. Soon, it became clear that I had made the right decision, and it came down to a few important details. In the initial months of my assignment, I received excellent supervision and support from business managers who were genuinely invested in my well-being. They worked hard during the first year of customer meetings. 

But did Adrien find the remote location and the small team size of the Zürich branch to his liking?

“I'm really happy with my current circumstances. Although the Zürich branch is far from the Lausanne, Geneva and Annecy branches, we do everything we can to bring everyone together, and I enjoy coming to events organised by Qim info. On top of it all, they go out of their way to make travel easier. It's also important to know that I don't feel isolated in the company I’m consulting for, as there are several other Qim info consultants working with me.”

What does the future hold at Qim info ?

After a year and a half with Qim info, Adrien couldn’t see himself anywhere else. On the contrary, the young consultant is already envisioning his future prospects 

I’d really like to specialise in the automation of software and application testing phases. That’s why I’m planning to learn all I can from the CI/CD approach—a process that automates the entire application development lifecycle while integrating monitoring and testing elements to ensure the application’s optimal functionality.

There are other reasons why I want to continue my journey with Qim info. I know that if I ever need to switch clients, I’ll receive support and my opinion will matter. Plus, I’ve established a comfortable life here with my partner, and despite not being fluent in German yet, I feel completely at home in Zürich,”

That’s how concludes Adrien. Although his career has focused on the aeronautics sector, he now can venture into an even wider range of industries.

What is a Test Automation Engineer ?

Test Automation Engineers are tasked with automating software testing to enhance the efficiency and quality of development workflows.  Here are some notable aspects of this role in a company: 

  • They design programs to automate functional, integration, and performance testing of software.  
  • Their automation efforts reduce reliance on manual testing, saving time, and facilitating the rapid identification of potential issues. 
  • They perform automated tests, closely collaborating with developers to ensure the software aligns with anticipated quality and performance benchmarks. 
  • They detect, document, and report problems encountered during automated testing, thereby contributing to software stability. 
  • They may also have the responsibility of periodically updating and maintaining automation scripts to keep them in line with changes in the software. 

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