Qim info talents: portrait of Lucas Nabas

Qim info, a digital services company (ESN) based in Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel) and in France (Annecy and Lyon), welcomed a talented new engineer to its team several months ago: Lucas Nabas.


Promising IS project management recruit in Lyon

At the age of 27, Lucas has already acquired a wide range of experience in different areas of IT and web development. A native of Lyon, he began his academic career with a scientific baccalaureate before entering a preparatory class at the Centre d’Enseignement Supérieur Industriel (CESI), an engineering and IT school on the Lyon campus in Écully.

For five years, he trained in telecoms systems and networks, with a specialization in entrepreneurship. This intense curriculum was enriched by numerous practical internships, which shaped her skills and versatility.

But who is Lucas Nabas, and what is his role at Qim info? Find out more about his background, skills and contributions to the team, and perhaps inspire future talent to join Qim info in Lyon.

A rich educational experience: internships and diversified experiences

Lucas has gained experience through multiple internships with companies operating in various fields such as digital marketing, energy, retail and finance. He has strengthened his skills in web development and business analysis, becoming a versatile and adaptable professional.

Web development and marketing

During his various experiences, Lucas contributed to web development projects, which enabled him to grasp the specific needs of companies in terms of online visibility and digital marketing.

He was involved in the creation of websites, reinforcing his skills in HTML, CSS, Python and JavaScript. He also had the opportunity to work on a low-code development application, using visual and automation tools to create software applications with less coding than usual.

Automation & scripting

As an intern with a major French group, Lucas created a PowerShell script to automate the updating of over 300 PCs. This experience strengthened his scripting and systems management skills, and gave him a global vision of the technological challenges facing a large company.

Enriching immersion in the banking sector

First steps as a development engineer

As an intern at a bank specializing in trading and investment solutions in Geneva, Lucas was involved in the deployment of a marketing automation system designed to analyze the customer journey. Using techniques such as AB testing, the aim was to optimize the user interface to increase engagement with the site.

This experience consolidated his interest in the banking sector and advanced technical challenges.

“It was a great experience. It’s a bank that puts a lot of emphasis on innovative technological solutions. I gained expertise in managing large-scale projects and working with international teams.”

Comprehensive vision and interdisciplinary collaboration

Working in an agile environment based on the Spotify model, Lucas gained a comprehensive view of the product lifecycle and realized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Inspired by this model, he deepened his skills as a business analyst, joining a product team and working alongside the front, middle and back office teams.
He also played an active role in the design of a banking application, working closely with numerous designers and developers.

A well-launched career: Lucas Nabas at Qim info's digital department in Lyon

Information systems consultant at Qim info

After gaining solid experience in the banking sector, Lucas joined his first consulting firm. For three years he worked for the SNCF, where he discovered project management. In autumn 2023, he joins the Qim info team in Lyon, headed by Adrien, as IS Project Manager.

“Qim info offered me an exceptional opportunity to hone my project management skills while actively participating in innovative assignments in a stimulating environment.”

IS project manager: role and responsibilities

As a consultant at Qim info in Lyon, Lucas is currently working as an IS project manager for a French national banking group.

Its mission is to provide business services and tools to the employees of the regional mutuals. In addition to managing employees’ work environments (computers, headsets, PC-based systems, access to employee portals, calls, e-mails and diaries), he is responsible for supervising projects specific to certain Group entities.

“The customer is giving me more and more responsibility. It gives me a more global view of the projects I’m working on. My mission is going very well with the customer. We talk freely, and I can choose my assignments. I get on well with the whole team. It’s really pleasant.

Managing specific requests

Lucas specializes in the management of specific non-catalog requests, and fosters collaboration between the group’s various entities by facilitating the necessary connections. With the support of specialized banking teams, he oversees the opening up of networks and the implementation of applications and server infrastructures, ensuring that solutions meet users’ precise needs.

Optimizing costs and improving reliability

Responsible for optimizing costs, Lucas is tackling the shortcomings of current, mainly On-Premise technology. It aims to find more effective solutions to reduce technical debt and improve system reliability, while meeting the needs expressed by users.

Successful integration and corporate culture

Lucas quickly integrated into Qim info thanks to a solid corporate culture based on values of solidarity and collaboration. The ongoing support of his colleagues and managers, notably Adrien and Karim, was essential in this process.

Sharing this same philosophy, Lucas is fully involved in the life of the company, taking an active part in the various events organized, such as afterworks. This immersion enabled him to forge strong links with his colleagues, reinforcing team spirit and cohesion within the company.

What is an IS project manager?

  • Plan, coordinate and manage IT systems projects,
  • Supervise system design, development, implementation and maintenance,
  • Collaborate with different teams and stakeholders,
  • Ensure compliance with deadlines, budget and quality requirements,
  • Identify information technology needs,
  • Evaluate the solutions available on the market,
  • Recommend strategies for improving existing IT systems.

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