Sergio, a Microsoft SharePoint expert serving Qim info’s clients

Specialising in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint solutions, Sergio Ralandy, aged 38, has been part of the Qim info team since December 2022. A passionate expert in new technologies and the web for over 15 years, Sergio now serves the clients of our Lausanne agency.


Qim info has always aimed to recruit the finest talents to best meet the needs of its clients. Since December 2022, the Lausanne agency has had a new expert in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint solutions: Sergio Ralandy. Following experiences in web communication and notable stints at other IT services and consultancy firms, Sergio chose to join Qim info, bringing his skills to prominent clients such as the City of Lausanne and the University Hospital of Vaud. Let’s take a look at the career of a seasoned employee.

From electronics to Microsoft 365 technologies: The beginnings of a promising career

“Long before starting my professional life, I’ve always been drawn to electronicsand new technologies. That’s why my first degree in Madagascar was in applied electronics,”says Sergio Ralandy, a Microsoft 365 SharePoint consultant at Qim info since December 2022.
Unfortunately, after three years of study, Sergio faced a challenging job market in Madagascar. He decided to boost his career by pivoting to a trending field at the time: digital and numerical professions. “I pursued a Master’s in digital engineering and digital and multimedia communication.”
Armed with his degree, Sergio was hired in the early 2010s by a Parisian communication agency as a front-end developer, graphic designer, and web designer. Over these four years, Sergio continued to dive into the digital world and eventually discovered cloud computing, especially the suite of Microsoft 365 applications. “A client often spoke to me about SharePoint. Intrigued, I endeavoured to train myself in this technology that would change the rest of my professional life.”

First Steps as a Microsoft 365 / SharePoint Consultant

Ready to embrace the challenges of this new professional world, Sergio took his first steps into consulting in 2016 as a Microsoft 365 consultant. While discovering this profession was somewhat bewildering, it also gave the consultant a chance to specialise, “moving from client to client and project to project taught me a great deal.”
With these new skills, Sergio began to stand out, and major assignments were entrusted to him. “I had the opportunity to work for major international companies. For instance, I can mention the BPCE Group, France’s second-largest cooperative banking institution, for whom I deployed Microsoft 365 applications. It was a real challenge given the importance of the assignment and the client.”

Leaving the French Work Environment to Embark on a Swiss Adventure

“After my stint in the banking sector and an experience in the industrial world, a headhunter contacted me and offered me something unexpected: a position in Switzerland.” Although the idea of moving initially didn’t particularly excite the young man, it warranted serious consideration. “The prospect of moving to Switzerland was appealing. There were so many professional opportunities and new experiences to be had in the country that, ultimately, the decision was an easy one to make.”
He then relocated with his family for a position in Lausanne. “I had to adapt to Swiss work culture and this new environment, but I absolutely don’t regret taking the leap, given the high quality of life here,” he reflects.
After a stint at a first Swiss ITSC, Sergio joined the City of Lausanne. “The municipality had a specific need for a year, and that suited me,” shares the Microsoft 365 specialist. “Following that contract, I was still keen on joining a company or public service internally, but it was much more complicated than I had imagined. So, I resumed my job search within an ITSC. I wasn’t expecting much until my first contact with Qim info…”

Reconnecting with ITSCs through Qim info

Thus, in December 2022, while actively seeking a new job and having several interviews lined up, Sergio was approached by a Qim info collaborator.
“At that time, I had two serious leads. The first was with an ITSC urgently needing someone for one of its clients, and the second was with Qim info. If the latter stood out, it was initially due to its approach. Rarely in this industry have I been approached by a company as I was by Qim info! I was lucky to have very enthusiastic and welcoming collaborators in front of me. I didn’t feel like just another product but felt they genuinely liked my profile and career path.”
Even without an immediate contract to offer the Microsoft 365 and SharePoint specialist, Qim info’s Business Managers still believed in Sergio’s potential. “It immediately clicked, but the choice was tough. Either go with the company that offered me a direct client or bet on the one that believed in me. Naturally, I opted for Qim info, as the hiring was concrete, and I knew I wouldn’t be without a contract for long. Looking back, I can say that accepting Qim info’s offer completely changed my perception of ITSCs.”
A sentiment echoed by many Qim info collaborators, as the welcoming atmosphere, responsiveness, and professionalism are part of the company’s values and DNA.

"I agreed to work with Qim info because I found qualities in this company that are rare in the ITSC environment: a sense of welcome, exchange, and trust."

Microsoft 365 Consultant

Qim info: A Company Focused on Exchange and Communication

Hired as a Microsoft 365 consultant, Sergio began his journey at the company. “Very quickly, my business manager found me an assignment that was a perfect fit, as it involved working with… the City of Lausanne.”
This was a great opportunity for Sergio to start his career at Qim info through a community he knew well and where he had already proven himself. “The first few days at Qim info were an opportunity to discuss my background with my business manager extensively. He was thus able to understand what I was capable of and align my profile with the right clients.”
“Alongside this contract, I’ve had the chance to work for a significant entity in the canton of Vaud: the University Hospital of Lausanne,” continues Sergio, who has been splitting his weekly work time between these two projects for the past year. Although I’m full-time with two clients, I’m in constant contact with members of Qim info… which is very appreciable and means I’m not ready to leave this company anytime soon!”

Sergio Ralandy’s First Assignments at Qim info as a Microsoft 365 / SharePoint Expert

– For the City of Lausanne, Sergio manages all SharePoint needs, including creating SharePoint sites, maintenance, and user support, as well as discussions with the city teams about migrating their SharePoint platform to the tool’s new version.

– At the University Hospital of Lausanne, Sergio’s assignment is focused on Microsoft Exchange messaging. The hospital is looking to move to Microsoft 365 cloud and has initiated a study to improve its shared mailboxes. Sergio’s assignment is to gather user feedback and needs (how they use the shared mailboxes, how many currently exist…), test the functionalities of the old boxes compared with the new ones, and ultimately produce a study report (how to migrate, what advantages users can gain from this migration…). The final goal is to convert the shared mailboxes into Microsoft 365 Exchange Box.

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