Portrait of Lukindo, a passionate Front-End developer at Qim info

Lukindo Mbuli: "Thanks to Qim info, being a Front-End developer is no longer just a job... it's a passion."

Recruited in 2018 by the Qim info teams, Lukindo Mbuli, 39, is an enthusiastic Front-End developer. After an intense professional journey between the United Kingdom and Switzerland, since joining the Qim info teams, he has been entrusted with significant assignments for high-profile clients. Demonstrating creativity, responsiveness, and a true sense of commitment under all circumstances, Lukindo has been chaining projects at Qim info for five years.

From higher education, making the right career choice

Originally from Geneva with Tanzanian roots, Lukindo Mbuli is a level-headed individual. Now a Front-End developer, it took this young professional some time to find his calling. After secondary education at a private international school in Geneva, Lukindo decided to move to the United Kingdom at the age of 17.

“At that time, my interest in the computing universe was limited to video games. I didn’t know much about the digital world, but I felt drawn to it. When I had the opportunity to prepare my first diploma in a foreign country, I seized the chance.”

A revelation for the profession of Front-End developer

Despite brilliant studies in a booming field, Lukindo was still searching for his path in an industry where possibilities and professions are numerous. “While preparing this master’s degree, I discovered Front technologies, JavaScript, and HTML. It was a real revelation. I told myself that I had probably found what would passion me for the rest of my life,” he adds.
At the end of his studies, Lukindo returned to Switzerland: “Upon my return to Geneva, I finally found a job in an NGO where I provided technical support and managed the website. It was a genuine mix of computing experiences, lasting three years.”

Very promising professional beginnings

À la fin de cette expérience, Lukindo démarre une nouvelle mission dans une autre O.N.G. « C’est à ce moment-là que ma carrière dans le milieu du du Front-end a véritablement commencé. Pendant quelques mois, j’ai travaillé sur un site Web sur lequel devait être mis en avant l’ensemble des ressources issues des évènements organisés par cette institution. Je pense, avec le recul, que cette mission de huit mois a confirmé ce que je savais déjà : je voulais devenir développeur Front-end à plein temps. »

Pendant quatre ans, Lukindo enchaine les missions pour des O.N.G. et commence à se focaliser sur le métier qu’il a choisi. Force est de constater, que dans ce domaine, les technologies évoluent très rapidement. Pour rester au niveau de ses exigences, il décide alors de se former intensément.

« J’ai fait le choix de suivre, pendant 8 mois, des cours en ligne avec une entreprise américaine afin de me mettre à niveau sur les technologies utilisées par les entreprises. En parallèle de cette formation, j’étais bénévole informatique pour une association suisse qui contribue à la mise en œuvre et à la promotion du développement durable et de l’Agenda 21. »
De quoi garder les pieds sur le terrain et mettre en pratique ce qu’il apprenait pendant ses cours.

Qim info: a decisive encounter

In 2018, shortly after completing his Front-End developer training, Lukindo discovered Qim info.

"I updated my CV and portfolio, refreshed my professional social networks, and sent out many applications. That's when the Qim info teams spotted me. On the phone, the company's collaborators immediately offered me opportunities. If they seemed to like me, judging by my hiring, the desire to collaborate was mutual. From the first contacts, extremely professional and cordial, I was convinced!"

Now it remained to be seen what assignments would be entrusted to him…

“From that aspect, I was not disappointed at all. After working a few weeks on internal company projects, two successive contracts were offered to me. The first, for three years, with one of the world’s leaders in luxury watchmaking and the second, in which I am still employed, within one of the leading private insurance companies in the Swiss market. A real pride for me and a recognition of the work carried out since I joined Qim info…”

A first prestigious client for a significant project

Nothing unusual at Qim info to start one’s journey with a client and a large-scale project.

The first three years spent within the watchmaking group were an incredible experience. I worked on the Customer Care Program whose goal was to make the clients of the various brands of the group visible in order to better understand them and meet their needs.”

The challenge for the brand was to create a dedicated platform for the registration of products by clients, to improve the experience and traceability of these watches:Our work is a success because in the first months of the site’s operation, the brand registered more than a million sign-ups“, continues Lukindo proudly.

Arriving at the start of the project, Lukindo had the opportunity to participate in the launch of the global production of this site, which is now a reference within the brand.. “Concretely, for three years, I was in charge of the Front-End part within a small team of five collaborators who worked hand in hand with the Back-End team. When the product was released, my mission was to take care of its maintenance and the development of new features.”

A second assignment in the insurance sector

Lukindo then joined the Qim info agency in Lausanne to get closer to a new client specialized in the insurance field.

“The first project I worked on concerned MDM (Master Data Management) and data governance. To put it simply, this insurance uses several systems that produce their own data. Because these systems are isolated from each other, there are inconsistencies, which is why this client decided to automate this work through an MDM”, explains the collaborator.

Lukindo thus contributed his skills to help the developers at the interface level of the project.
“It took seven months of work for us to be ready to put the product into production. The client was very satisfied with my work and the relations he had with Qim info. He therefore wished to keep me in his staff. My manager then entrusted me with a new assignment with the team in charge of claims management for Accident Insurance and Income Loss Insurance (in case of illness). I was able to develop new versions of Angular on two applications. After a few months and many trials, everything was up to date and I joined a third project within the same company.”

"All the people I know, who have worked for Qim info are very high-level collaborators, which is why I am proud to be part of this company. It is also worth mentioning that this IT services and consulting company takes great care of its collaborators, whether they work internally, within the Centre of Expertise, or are on assignment with clients. I particularly appreciate the efforts made to bring together all the collaborators through, among other things, numerous company events."

Qim info: the opportunity to secure long-term contracts

Lukindo is now still in charge of the Front-End part of the development of a document management application for the same client.

“The goal of this application is, among other things, to allow agents to easily find the documents they want. It was necessary to migrate the data, and we took over all the existing features to put them on the new version, while improving them.”

Very happy with his assignment, Lukindo wishes to continue this collaboration. “I am very grateful to Qim info because without them I might never have had these professional opportunities.”

What is a Front-End Developer?

  • Web front-end development offers a unique combination of creativity and technical skills, bringing to life complex designs and concepts,
  • Working on the user interface of websites and applications presents a stimulating challenge that requires both problem-solving skills and a developed aesthetic sense,
  • The variety of projects in this field allows exploring a wide range of styles and functionalities, thus offering constant opportunities for learning and professional development,
  • Due to the rapid evolution of web technologies, this profession requires staying constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and tools.

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