Qim info, sustainably committed to the environment and employee well-being through CSR

For the second year in a row, Qim info has used EcoVadis, the global standard for CSR assessments, to evaluate its corporate social responsibility. As of 2022, Qim info was awarded the silver medal.

The news was hot off the presses at the beginning of the year: Qim info scored 60/100! This is higher than 79% of companies evaluated worldwide. The entire Qim info team is very proud of this result, especially since the average score for companies in our sector is 45/100.

A look back at Qim info's societal commitments

Since its creation 19 years ago, Qim info has never stopped embodying solid values such as trust, transparency, and proximity. We know that each collaborator is unique, and we provide them with a balanced work environment that gives them room to develop their full potential and cultivate their talent. These values are bearing fruit as Qim info received a 4.31/5 rating in 2021 for its Happy At Work label! Qim info’s CSR approach naturally aligns with its human values.

Since the publication of our first carbon footprint analysis a little over a year ago, our CSR committee and teams have been working to improve our social and societal performance and reduce our environmental impact. We are proud of our accomplishments:

  • Our premises in Geneva are powered solely by renewable energy sources.

  • Waste sorting and composting bins have been installed in each branch.

  • All unused computer equipment is recycled (reused, recycled, donated to associations, etc.)

  • New furniture purchases are subject to sustainability criteria.

  • All suppliers must sign our Responsible Purchasing Policy to ensure our services respect the environment and people.

  • Qim info provides collaborators with certifying training in sustainable digital technology designed by the Institut du Numérique Responsable. Corporate volunteering is ongoing, in particular with renewed actions conducted with the associations “Colis du cœur” and EPFL during mentoring Coding Club workshops

And more…

Why did we choose EcoVadis?

Qim info has based its CSR approach on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015. The policies implemented and actions taken can only be optimised by implementing a continuous improvement process.  With this in mind, Qim info approached the EcoVadis rating agency: To challenge our actions and ensure their usefulness in meeting environmental, social, and societal challenges.

Every year, the EcoVadis platform evaluates Qim info’s social and societal performance and compares it to over 100,000 other companies. Four main themes are addressed:

  • The environment
  • Social and societal actions and human rights
  • Ethics
  • Responsible purchasing

By working on these issues, Qim info acts as a committed player, improving its ecosystem, listening to its employees to improve their well-being, and remaining a trusted partner for its customers.

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