When CSR infuses at Qim info!

As an actor of the economic world, Qim info has always been a company concerned by its social and environmental impact, so many actions have been put in place. With a strong will to put these dimensions at the heart of its strategy, Qim info has dedicated resources to work on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A CSR committee for maximum impact

In 2021, a global and transversal approach has been deployed through the creation of a CSR committee. This working group was initiated by our employee David Vucic, who wanted to give more meaning to his daily work. He presented his awareness to the Management Committee, which supported him in this approach, immediately perceiving its interest. The project quickly get the attention of the collaborators.

The efforts already made, rewarded in the long term

Very quickly in 2021, a group of 8 volunteers met to evaluate the various actions already in place within the company and to develop new projects. For example, the CSR committee contacted various local associations to identify ways in which Qim info could contribute to their mission, by providing IT equipment, IT support, or by mobilizing employees for volunteer days. Other actions are carried out internally to promote waste reduction and/or reuse.

In order to continue structuring the CSR approach, Sophie Cardenas was recruited at the end of 2021. Her main mission was to coordinate the actions already deployed and to continue launching dedicated projects. In order to assess the efforts made, an evaluation file has been submitted to Ecovadis. At the beginning of February 2022, the verdict fell: after the analysis of the actions in terms of environment, social & human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing, Qim info was awarded a silver medal, with a score equal to or higher than 83% of the companies evaluated by Ecovadis!

What about tomorrow?

The CSR committee has already welcomed new members and now counts 14 participants. This should give us new ideas to positively impact the well-being of our employees, the environment and society!


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