Data Department

Qim info’s Data division supports its clients using different intervention methods on their Artificial Intelligence subjects such as the creation of algorithms for prediction or automation of tasks, analysis and intelligent processing of data

We also support our clients on the creation and maintenance of complex data pipelines considering, among other things, the choice of tools for extracting and aggregating data but also for reporting, intervening on the modelling of possible Data Warehouse, Data Lake or associated database

Moreover, we can intervene at the end of the chain by offering the reporting about information with tools dedicated to Business Intelligence

Our consultants are…


  • Data Scientist: Understanding of the profession in order to be able to identify the subjects and develop hypotheses. Identification of relevant data, selection, training and validation of the learning models to be used
  • Data Engineer: Designer and creator of data pipelines, they ensure the integrity and high availability for consumers of the extracted, transmitted and consolidated data
  • Data Analyst: Identification of relevant information to be presented in the form of KPIs or dashboards in order to meet the needs of the business. Capable of extracting and manipulating the data that will feed these indicators
  • Data Architect: Designer of “storage areas”, the Data-architect is an experienced Data engineer or Data analyst who will know how to provide and structure the raw material useful for extracting information from the collected data while taking into account business constraints

Our skills


  • Needs analysis, audit
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • ETL / Data Warehouse Data Lake / SQL and NoSql Databases
  • AWS cloud computing / Deployment of Machine Learning algorithms
  • Python and many librairies (Pandas, Scikit Learn, Tensorflow, Keras, Django)
  • Reporting Tools (Power BI, Qlik, Tableau)

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