Qim info’s IT Operations & Support Services department: Dedicated support for SMEs.

Thanks to its 50-person team, Qim info’s Centre of Expertises can intervene in various technical fields. In this new article, Benjamin, head of IT Operations & Support Services, will tell us about outsourcing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

1. Can you explain what your “IT Operations” section does?

B.B.:  My team strives to craft efficient outsourcing of our customer’s IT resources. In other words, we take charge of all or part of their information system.

Our first goal is to meet our customer’s needs. We always start by taking stock of the existing situation: Is the equipment still working well? Which versions do the servers, workstations, etc., run on? Are there any flaws in the security system?

With this audit, we can provide a tailor-made solution to simplify the installation, maintenance, and management of our customers’ servers and network equipment.
However, our support continues beyond the audit. We also offer operational maintenance and regular information system updates to ensure reliability.

We have developed partnerships with hardware and software vendors, such as Fortinet, to guarantee service quality and provide our customers with the best offers.

2. What about “Support Services”?

B.B: In the daily life of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is quite common for employees to encounter difficulties with their workstations or when using certain software solutions. However, the company does not always have the in-house resources to provide support.

That’s where we come in: We can intervene quickly when problems arise and even train employees in best practices. Today, our department comprises a technical team capable of providing level 1, 2, and 3 support for any complex IT problem.

To expand our offer, we now provide cybersecurity training and support to increase employee awareness to recognise cyberattacks, like fake phishing campaigns, as human error is at the root of 90% of cyberattacks.

3. In practical terms, why use your department’s expertise?

B.B: We mainly work with small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to focus exclusively on their core expertise. Most don’t have the time or human resources to manage their IT system and provide user support. In addition, these IT issues arise sporadically and don’t necessarily justify recruiting an in-house employee dedicated to this topic.

However, when a hardware or network incident occurs, its resolution is always urgent, as business must return to normal as fast as possible.

Let’s take the example of “Le Kab”. This accounting firm called on our services for a recurring network problem that was becoming extremely problematic. In just one day, service was completely restored! Another example is the UWW (United World Wrestling). They contacted us to audit their network security. After analysis, Louis, one of our system engineers, split the network in two for more security. Now, guests connecting to the guest Wi-Fi network won’t be able to access data from the company’s Wi-Fi!

4. In two years, how do you see your department evolving?

B.B: As a department manager, my goal is to ensure that we continue to adapt to the market’s needs.  And to meet all the needs of SMEs, our new cybersecurity training and support will be combined with an offering that provides management of professional mobile terminals.

5. What do you like most about your job?

B.B: Working in a Centre of Expertise! Working alongside 50 IT experts every day is rewarding. Beyond my direct department, working with over 550 IT specialists reassures our customers that regardless of their problem, we will have the solution. We have the opportunity to share best practices, confront our points of view, and learn more about our trade.

Our customers also see that as an advantage when they request our services. Thanks to the Centre of Expertise and our wide range of expertise, we can provide a global solution to their IT problems.  That’s why we can adapt so easily to our customer’s requests. At Qim info, we always find your project’s missing piece. 😉

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