Microsoft modern workplace management: how to implement it in your company?


What is Microsoft's modern workplace?

It literally is a tool for the modern office. It lives up to its name and offers a complete digital workplace. This dematerialised space operates with the cloud, allowing it to be used at any time and anywhere in the world. A considerable advantage for companies leaning towards more remote working/telecommuting and recruitment worldwide.

Microsoft aims to reinvent work culture and developed the modern workplace, an open and collaborative environment where codes are disrupted to boost team productivity. But what does this mean concretely? It’s a way to avoid the physical and technological constraints of the professional world. Thanks to this space, employees can collaborate remotely, securely, and from all their connected devices.

Why did Microsoft Office 365 create the modern workplace?

Microsoft 365 wanted to offer everything to companies and their employees: flexibility and security! Today, the modern company relies on digital tools to remain competitive in the market, with its customers, and in team management. Human relations are becoming more digital, and it’s becoming crucial to offer employees a work environment accessible everywhere and at all times. And for Microsoft 365, it’s even an absolute priority!

To meet this need, Microsoft created the modern workplace, all while ensuring the security of this space. Data protection is assured, and access and identification methods are secure. With this security aspect, Microsoft 365 stands out from other cloud-based remote work solutions.

What are the benefits of the modern workplace for your company?

Collaboration and flexibility

Adopting the modern workplace allows for more collaboration between your teams and employees. The work world is evolving, and Microsoft Office 365 understands this. By offering modern workplace users messaging applications and making all its tools collaborative, gone are the days of complex integrations and lost emails! Wherever they are, regardless of the device (computer, tablet, smartphone…), an internet connection will suffice for your employees to authenticate and enter their workspace. A single entry point into your office that offers ideal conditions for teamwork.

Microsoft Teams is the main asset to boost collaboration among your employees. The application revolutionises communication codes with its instant messaging and simplicity in organising virtual meetings.

Safety and practicality

Microsoft has developed a fully secure cloud work environment. Powerful integrated solutions protect your data, guard against threats, and manage access while maintaining total control. You gain visibility with the ability to instantly track your company’s cybersecurity landscape.

Authentication is also certified, reliable, and quick. Once connected, the user finds their personalised workspace as they left it. Microsoft has successfully combined security with ease of use!

Productivity and competitiveness

Adopting the modern workplace is advantageous for your company as it meets the new expectations of your clients and employees. To remain a significant competitor, modernisation is necessary. Modern workplace meets all challenges: remote work, increased data demand, the constant evolution of your needs, cost optimisation… Adopting it becomes a priority to stay in the competition!

What is included in Microsoft's modern workplace?

The modern workplace is based on Microsoft 365. Depending on the chosen licensing models, it includes: Windows, the Office suite, Exchange email, SharePoint, OneDrive, MS Teams, solution development with low code via the Power Platform, and many other tools. As its information and security are cloud-based, this environment is constantly relevant and adaptable. Its components can vary as the essence of this space is flexibility.

Today, in Microsoft’s modern workplace, one can find tools for security (protection and management of devices, identities, and data), collaboration (document management, search engine…), communication (intranet, email, instant messaging, video calls), enterprise mobility, productivity improvement, data analysis… All working in a way to offer the best user experience, avoid any time wastage and let your employees focus on what really matters: their core business.

How to install it in your company?

The implementation of the modern workplace in your company generally occurs in several phases:

  1. Understanding your needs and constraints;
  2. Setting up governance (even basic) to provide a framework for the use of this new solution;
  3. Configuring Microsoft 365 tools and their integrations into your information system;
  4. Supporting users and technological monitoring to stay informed of the latest news.

At Qim info—more specifically the Modern Workplace & Workstation department in our Centre of Expertise—we offer you customised support in your digital transition!

How much does it cost?

There are different rates for business offers. Different models exist depending on the size of your company and the type of organisation (business, school, government, non-profit).

The base offer includes basic tools such as the Office suite and MS Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive, etc. Other options are available to access new services such as COPILOT or Teams Premium with additional licensing costs.

Our Modern Workplace & Workstation department can assist you in choosing the right tools and provide advice on selecting the right licences.

Qim info: your partner for installing Microsoft's modern workplace

Qim info is here to help you install Microsoft’s modern workplace. Experts in the field accompany you in this transition to ensure it goes smoothly. The goal? That in your company, neither the location nor the device of your employees are constraints to their work.

Qim info unveils a complete range of modern solutions for managing your IT tools. We develop a collaborative and flexible environment to stimulate the productivity and well-being of your collaborators. Beyond technology, a transformation requires a cultural evolution: we accompany you on this path to adapt new work methods within your organisation. Thus, we can become your ideal partner for installing—with you or autonomously—Microsoft’s modern workplace in your company.

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