Qim Info: Your Provider in IT Services

An IT service provider offers a range of IT services to other organisations that need external resources to successfully carry out their projects. Discover how IT services can help your business!


Qim Info: Your Provider in IT Services

For nearly 20 years, Qim Info has worked with one single goal: to provide its clients with the most personalised and appropirate support to ensure the success of their IT projects. Whether through delegation or in a project format, Qim Info helps you realise your ambitions, whatever they may be.

Today, information technology forms the foundation of many company departments (almost all). Choosing the right IT service provider is therefore crucial, and Qim Info stands out, ranking 3rd among the most significant IT companies in French-speaking Switzerland. With a complete range of services suited to all types and sizes of companies, Qim Info helps you modernise, secure, and streamline your IT services.

What are IT services?

IT services support you in the use of your company’s information technology. This generally refers to the use of computers, data storage, networks, and devices. In terms of usage, it’s about the creation, processing, sending, and storage of all kinds of electronic data. In short, Qim Info’s specialty. An IT service provider is there to allow companies to free up time to concentrate on their core business.

The range of IT services offered by Qim Info is vast, and each client company chooses according to the level of support desired. From cybersecurity to software development, through data analysis… Everything is possible!

le rôle d'un prestataire en services IT

What is the role of an IT service provider?

An IT service provider offers a range of IT services to other organisations that need external resources to successfully carry out their IT projects. IT service companies possess, according to their specificities, expertise as diverse as they are varied.

The provider does everything to ensure your company remains competitive and modern in today’s digital world. It manages your information technology, closely or from a distance (as you wish).

In summary, an IT service provider must become a true partner for the company it works for. It makes sure the client’s IT works properly and goes even further by participating in its overall strategic evolution.

When do you need an IT service provider?

An IT service provider can help you in many situations. Don’t hesitate to consult this article to find out how you can be supported!

Lack of time or skills

Are your internal teams swamped with work? Is their motivation present, but their level of training not advanced enough for a specific project? Do not hesitate to call on an IT services company; experts will be there to take over and relieve you. Whether it’s time or skills, you can delegate – for a given period or even indefinitely.

By choosing a provider suited to your needs, you save on your human and financial capital in the IT field. Furthermore, the company will not have to recruit or train internally since the provider provides experts in the field.

Desire to train and secure

You may be looking to train your employees in new practices. These situations often arise during digital transitions or changes in your systems. This is the time to be supported by specialists in the field and to train your employees sustainably.

Sometimes it’s about wanting to further secure your information systems. With the growing number of cyber threats, it is essential to protect against them. A provider can guarantee the cybersecurity of your company and comply with current standards and regulations. Aware and alert, its role is to stop potential threats before they affect the company’s operations.

How much does an IT service cost?

There are different rates for being supported by an IT service provider. The cost of a service varies and will depend on many factors such as the choice of service(s), location, duration of the mission, complexity of the project, the number of experts expected, and their certifications…

It is therefore advisable to approach a provider to get a price tailored to your needs. To find the right one, some criteria must be considered. To help you in your choice, do not hesitate to consult our article which references the best IT services and consulting companies in French-speaking Switzerland and lists advice for choosing your IT partner.

Why is Qim Info the Ideal Partner in IT Services?

More than 120 clients in sectors such as health, luxury, watchmaking, banking, aeronautics, insurance, trading, and international organisations trust Qim Info. This diversity demonstrates our flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific needs of each field.

The responsibilities of Qim Info can be multiple and varied depending on the support formula you choose. Here are our main areas of intervention as an IT service provider:

  • Technical support and maintenance
  • IT infrastructure management (hardware, systems, software, networks…)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT consultancy and strategy (e.g., governance)
  • Custom software development
  • Project management
  • User training
  • Agile approach (e.g., scrum master, product owner roles…)
  • Design and development of digital products (e.g., UX/UI)
Pourquoi Qim info est le partenaire idéal en IT services ?

Our increasingly wide range of services allows us to provide the missing piece for all your projects. At Qim Info, we take the time to precisely understand your needs to offer you the skills and profiles that match you.

Because our mission does not stop there, our action is deeply rooted in a concern for the well-being of our collaborators and respect for the environment. Every day we continue our actions in that direction and are happy to have renewed in 2024 our EcoVadis silver medal recognising our commitments in terms of corporate social responsibility.

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