What is the Cloud? Definition and explanations

Qu'est-ce que le Cloud ? Ses usages et nos conseils

A complete guide to the Cloud, from its definition to its applications and how it works. Understand it to make informed choices. Sommaire Whether you’re a complete beginner to the subject or already well-versed in its concepts, this article provides an overview of its significance and the potential implications. Whether you’re a private individual or […]

What is DevOps? The definition and how it’s used

DevOps - C'est quoi par Qim info

If you’ve heard of DevOps but don’t know precisely what the acronym stands for, you’re in the right place. This is where you can start learning a little more. This article overviews DevOps, from its definition to tangible applications. Our goal is that once you’ve finished reading, you’ll understand the stakes of DevOps and will have […]