We are giving great importance to the respect of privacy and personal data of our candidats, collaborators and users of our websites. This privacy policy applies to the gathering and ulterior processing about yourself, gathered from recruitment processus or when you are browsing the company website.

The personal data gathered by the company

As part of the recruitment processus and the search of new talents, the company collects all information mentionned into the candidat’s CV as well as the exchanges’s historic by phone or from the physical interviews. To insure the accuracy of data, the company asks to people contained into the « Candidats » base to update their CV every two years ; time from which the company erases every information from the person.

About the « Cookies » we use

Our website uses « cookies » related to your visits : the browsers used, the data relative to traffic, the number of users, the geographical data, the operating systems used, the devices used (PC, smartphone, tablets, etc.), the web pages preferences, the navigation historic, the number of views of the visited pages, the number of clics on a video, the addresses of the previous visited websites if the web user has clicked on a partner link (Ex : a publication on social media lead the web user toward the website of one of our subsidiaries).

The gathering of these information helps us to improve interactivity of our websites and our services and, at the same time, eased your web user experience.

The « Marketing and Communication » service of the company collects, with your agreements given when you first visited the website, these data to strictly use for marketing and statistics analyses.

The data processed by the company’s services are anonymise raw data. The duration of collected data is 13 months in accordance with the law. Beyond this period, your consent will once again be asked.

Know more about cookies, their functioning and the ways to oppose it (website of the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés française – CNIL).

Your rights

According to the n° 2016/679 regulation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can have an access right, a rectification right and a deleting right about you. You have to address your demand to

For all demands of access right, rectification right and opposition right : we will ask you to provide a proof of your identity. If you can’t prove your identity, we reserve the right to deny the right to send you personal data about yourself. We seek to answer these requests into required by law deadline.


Our preoccupation is to preserved the quality and the integrity of your personal information. We implement, at every levels, good IT security practices in order to protect our systems at best. Furthermore, our employees which process your data follow courses of awareness to the rules of personal data protection.


For every question about this GDPR, please contact us with the following email address :

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