Make ChatGPT your best ally!

ChatGPT is an invaluable resource for software development… When you know how to maximise its potential! This article will offer you techniques to optimise your interactions with ChatGPT and address specific requirements with custom scripts. Can ChatGPT code on its own? Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly relevant form of assistance. It allows you to […]

Qim info revolutionises back-to-school at Institut Florimont

Institut Florimont: Qim info’s Expertise for a Smooth Back-to-School The criteria for a successful back-to-school are numerous and intricate.  Institut Florimont, a private school near Geneva, turned to Qim info to improve the integration of its new students and ease the transition to the next class for current students.  With a yearly intake of dozens […]

Career Path at Qim info: from work-study to permanent employment

As you may have read in a previous article, Qim info is committed to training the IT experts of tomorrow. But what happens once their studies are complete? In this article, we hear from Jean-Christophe, Quentin, and Paul, former work-study apprentices and interns who are now on permanent contracts with the company.  Could you start […]

Promoting sports engagement at Qim info 

At Qim info, athletes are highly valued Better performance, team cohesion, stress reduction—the benefits of engaging in sports in the professional world and for general health are well-established.  Convinced of these advantages, the leaders of Qim info have always been keen to facilitate sports activities for their employees, some of whom have been achieving remarkable […]

Portrait of Adrien: “Qim info renewed my faith in digital services company”

Qim info: A trusted digital services company Adrien Augé joined Qim info’s Zürich branch in February 2022 and is now a thriving collaborator. After several experiences in IT, this young “Test Automation Engineer” found everything he was looking for in a digital services company at Qim info.  Let’s take a look at his career as […]

How are Self-BI tools evolving?

Article written by Ahmed Elhoula Data engineer & analyst at Qim info Consolidating data at the core of a business is pivotal for informed strategic choices. Within this framework, auto-business intelligence (auto-BI) tools have become indispensable, granting users the freedom to access, analyse, and visualise data independently, without the reliance on IT professionals. This article […]

Qim info develops a turnkey solution for IPR

Keen to guarantee ever greater security in the processing of reports sent to its prescribers, in 2015 the Institut de Pathologie Romand decided to call on Qim info to create a dedicated IT solution. A successful gamble, as the laboratory is considering new collaborations with the Custom Software Development department.   Confidentiality and Security: Project challenges […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the MS-BI suite?

Article written by Amed Elhoula Data engineer & analyst at Qim info Business Intelligence (BI) is the catalyst that transforms raw data into valuable information, enabling organisations to uncover patterns, optimise operations, improve decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in a world increasingly data-driven world.  No one can deny that MS-BI has quickly established itself […]

How can I store and share files with OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service offered by Microsoft. It enables users to securely store and access their files from any Internet-connected device. OneDrive serves as a seamless solution for facilitating collaboration and file sharing within teams, organisations, and external service providers.  OneDrive Enterprise The professional edition of OneDrive provides additional […]

Portraits of Qim info work-study students: first steps into the corporate world.

At Qim info, we know that today’s students will be tomorrow’s experts. We take every opportunity to support these young professionals as much as possible in building their skills. In September 2022, Matis, Théo, Emma, and Jean-Christophe joined our teams as work-study students and interns. Let’s get their feedback on their time here up to […]