Qim Info: Your Provider in IT Services

For nearly 20 years, Qim Info has worked with one single goal: to provide its clients with the most personalised and appropirate support to ensure the success of their IT projects. Whether through delegation or in a project format, Qim Info helps you realise your ambitions, whatever they may be.

Microsoft modern workplace management: how to implement it in your company?

What is Microsoft’s modern workplace? It literally is a tool for the modern office. It lives up to its name and offers a complete digital workplace. This dematerialised space operates with the cloud, allowing it to be used at any time and anywhere in the world. A considerable advantage for companies leaning towards more remote working/telecommuting and recruitment worldwide.

Understanding IT Outsourcing

What is IT Outsourcing Exactly? IT outsourcing is when a company delegates and entrusts its IT systems and services to an IT specialist. In this model, there is a service provider (the IT manager) and a client (the company opting to outsource this service). Outsourcing can be partial or comprehensive, conducted on-site or remotely, depending […]