Do you know the Modern Workplace and Workstation department of Qim info ?

After presenting Clément and his “Cloud and DevOps” department, it’s Xavier’s turn to be interviewed.  Xavier heads the “Modern workplace and Workstation” department in our Centre of Expertise. He will introduce us to the technologies they prefer working with and the projects he and his team have taken on. What does “Modern Workplace and Workstation” […]

Discover our Cloud & DevOps Solutions department.

Since 2020, Qim info has structured its center of expertises around five departments using various skills. Today, we are going to focus on the Cloud & DevOps Solutions department with Clement Raussin, its manager. First of all, Clement, can you tell us what “Cloud” and “DevOps” mean? C.R: To begin with, the “Cloud” refers to […]

Qim info launches its Product Lab!

For 17 years, Qim info has been offering customised services, helping their clients carry out their IT projects. Through our years of expertise, we have developed a solid understanding of the market’s needs. And the market gave our team a great idea: The Product Lab, a product laboratory Made in Qim info.  In concrete terms, […]

2022 Tech News Top 5

Our expertise centre professionals share their tech nuggets in an article to add to your summer reading list! 1.Argo CD ArgoCD, the best-selling deployment tool, is an advanced open-source tool that runs on a Kubernetes cluster and controls application deployment and lifecycle. For more information on ArgoCD: Argo CD: A Tool for Kubernetes DevOps | […]

Microsoft Teams – The Latest News!

Article written by Cyril Vila, Microsoft 365 project manager at Qim info. Despite the summer heat, the people at Microsoft are staying cool with their innovations in the Microsoft Teams tool! Let’s take a closer look at the new features. Annotations when screen sharing The built-in Teams tool, Whiteboard, includes a new feature when sharing your […]

Qim info has recently become a Red Hat partner !

What does it mean ? We can now provide advise about licences on all Red Hat products, including Ansible or OpenShift. But we can also assist you for your choices on all other Red Hat products.  To do this, our consultants have passed accreditations and certifications that allow us to best meet your needs. Interested […]

The DevOps department at Qim info offers you its expertise around infrastructure automation.  

How do we do it ? Thanks to configuration management and the Ansible tool.  Indeed, Ansible enables to automate the configuration tasks of the infrastructure.   These last months, we wrote a certain number of roles in order to facilitate the tedious configuration of certain tools like IIS or the monitoring suite Prometheus/Grafana and different exporters.  Also in order to bring a […]

Introduction to the roll-out of Power Platform solutions

Article written by David Ghesquière, PowerPlatform & M365 consultant in Qim info. If you are a Power Platform developer, you have probably already said to yourself: “There must be another way to move my application from one tenant to another?” If this is the case, you’re right, there is another method, and it is called Solutions. What […]

IMAD: A project to help us help

A few months ago, the Geneva Institution for Homecare and Assistance (IMAD) asked us to help them solve one of their time optimisation problems. Each year, temporary workers are brought in to reinforce their teams to ensure the quality and delivery of home care services. IMAD wanted to implement a solution to simplify the management […]

PowerBI at the service of the administrative team

A few weeks ago, we wrote you about our intern, Lise, who joined our administrative team for a summer. During her internship, she was able to work on concrete projects that allowed the team to save time on specific operations. Here is a cross-experience with Lise and Sophia, administrative and financial manager at Qim info. […]