Top 7 DevSecOps tools


If you’ve heard of the DevSecOps philosophy and would like to implement it in your projects, this article will introduce you to various DevSecOps tools, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and Qim info’s recommendations! Summary Why choose DevSecOps? Before getting into the details, here’s a quick overview of DevSecOps. The DevSecOps approach aims to strengthen […]

What is Shift Left Security?

Do you want to enhance the security of your projects and have heard about Shift Left Security?
This article will introduce you to this approach, its advantages, its tools, and the support that Qim info can provide to successfully implement it.

What is a PL/SQL developer?

A PL/SQL developer is a specialist who, in addition to their experience with relational databases (SQL), is also trained in writing procedural code in PL/SQL and has a good understanding of algorithms and data structures.

How to Optimize Your Cloud?

Cloud optimization is essential to reduce costs while optimizing performance. Discover the complete guide.

Find your Microsoft partner

A Microsoft partner is a company with expertise in one or more specific areas directly related to Microsoft products. Partners work indirectly with Microsoft in their areas of expertise (governance, integration, migration, training, change management, technology watch, technical support, etc.).

DevSecOps: Integrate Security Processes into Your Projects

Have you already implemented the DevOps approach in your teams and wish to enhance security by moving towards DevSecOps?

This article will introduce you to DevSecOps, its challenges, and its benefits. With a set of good practices and some advice, you can integrate security into your business processes.