Consultant, a strong voice

At Qim info, as with all digital services companies (ESN), consultants on assignment make up the majority of our workforce. Even though people play an essential role in our business, the challenge is simple: how do we integrate and retain consultants who don’t share their daily lives in our offices? 

Qim info takes up this challenge by inviting a consultant to take part in executive committee meetings for a year. This enables him to take part in the company’s strategic decisions and to speak on behalf of his colleagues.

Joachim Denoeud held this role throughout 2023, and is handing over to Patrice Ginday at the start of 2024. Here’s a look back at this unique experience for our 2 employees!


In your opinion, what is the role of the consultants’ representative on the executive committee?

Joachim: Qim info currently employs over 600 people, the majority of whom are consultants working for customers in Switzerland and France (and a few internally). My aim has been to ensure that their voice is heard by the executive committee. In this way, they are heard, in all their diversity. The role we’ve been offered is a very important one: to act as a link and bring a vision from the field!

What do you remember about your experience on the executive committee?

Joachim: A wonderful welcome and a healthy, family atmosphere – with the 3 founding members present. At Qim info, we’re very focused on personalities, so discussions take place in a calm environment. There’s a real desire to keep in touch with the consultants, not to make decisions without listening to the representative’s opinion. This has also greatly strengthened my sense of belonging to Qim info. And the last thing is that it’s particularly varied. There are subjects in every field: whether it’s HR, technical or organizational…

What projects did you work on during this period?


  • We’ve improved communication on the existing benefits available to consultants (afterworks, Qim weekends, private sales…). It’s always a pleasure!
  • We’ve continued to raise the profile of the role of consultant representative – a role that not everyone is necessarily aware of.
  • I was also able to express the diversity of consultants’ situations, particularly in terms of expense policy.
  • Finally, we’re working on onboarding: all the communication you need to give a new consultant the best possible welcome! As we often say: “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”.


What message would you like to pass on to your successor?

Joachim: Make the most of this enriching experience that brings you into contact with others. There’s still a lot to be done to raise the profile of our role – it’s an opportunity you’ve got to seize!

What are the most important subjects for you to tackle this year? And why?

Patrice: The first topic, in my opinion, would be to promote feedback from consultants by setting up a channel – whatever that may be! The idea is for consultants to be better informed about what’s going on at Qim info and to be able to express themselves. I’d like to exchange as much as possible with the consultants so that I can give the executive committee transparent feedback.

The second subject close to my heart is that of inter-contracts. It’s a period that has to be managed both for Qim info and for the consultants. I’d like to put in place a few initiatives to ensure that this transition period is favourable and beneficial for everyone.

What convinced you to join the adventure and say “yes” to the executive committee?

Patrice: I have a very good relationship with my business manager, and it was he who told me about this opportunity to represent the consultants. I thought it would be a good experience and I took part in the selection process. For me, it’s a new perspective: an insider’s view to understand the full diversity of subjects and ambitions that drive Qim info. It’s also an opportunity for me to spend time with members of the company, internally.

How do you see your role as representative?

Patrice: I’d like to be the voice of the consultants. For me, it’s a chance to get messages across, and above all to put in place initiatives with high added value – both for the consultants and for the executive committee.

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