Qim info and Decathlon join forces to optimise e-commerce and IT security

Concentrating on Front End development, DevOps and Cloud security, this collaboration has enabled Decathlon Switzerland to transform its approach to e-commerce and the rental of sports equipment. The chain has consequently been able to consolidate its position in the Swiss market as a result of these custom IT solutions.


A major challenge for Decathlon Geneva

E-commerce and security: Decathlon Switzerland switches up a gear

When you look at how important e-commerce and data protection is for a company, it was clear that Decathlon Geneva needed to redouble its resourcefulness and successfully get to grips with the technical and human limitations it faced so that the development, security and management of its online platforms could be ensured.

For this, they needed to involve IT experts The project team chose Qim info as their collaboration partner because of their broad array of technical skills and their ability to provide custom IT solutions.

Decathlon's objective: integrate safety and innovation in its applications

Decathlon’s goal was to not only expand the in-house skills it could draw upon, but also to improve the security and efficacy of its local applications. It was to do this through large-scale projects that required access to a wide range of skills. From Front End development to Cloud engineering and Cloud security, Decathlon Switzerland was searching for a partner who was able to fully understand the specific challenges it faced and design innovative, long-term solutions.

Improving technical skills and adapting to the tools used by Decathlon Switzerland

Given the complex nature of the proprietary tools used by Decathlon, as well as third-party tools such as Strapi and Dynamic Yield, Qim info had to take on the task of improving skills development. Adapting in a quick manner made it possible to develop and adjust custom-designed IT solutions to meet Decathlon’s needs. Being able to draw on this wider range of expertise is a key asset, which improves our ability to accurately respond to the technical requirements of our customers.

A versatile response from Qim info

Multidisciplinary expertise in web development, DevOps and Cloud security

By being able to rely on 600 consultants specialising in a wide range of technological areas, Qim info could meet Decathlon’s various requirements. Our teams of IT experts allowed us to offer a comprehensive approach that encompassed all aspects of the projects, from design to implementation, including securing and optimising the existing systems.

Optimising project management using SLACK

By using SLACK, a project management platform, we could assist with the streamlining of communications and synchronisation of tasks between the teams. Both teams enjoyed using SLACK and it made a significant contribution to ensuring the implementation of the different project phases efficiently and in real time.

Adapting Cloud infrastructure to regional needs

While collaborating with Decathlon Geneva, Qim info demonstrated its skills at adapting to regional requirements in terms of technology. While Decathlon France chose a joint approach using AWS and Google Cloud for the design, migration and optimisation of its Cloud infrastructure, Decathlon Switzerland took the decision to work exclusively with Google Cloud. Keeping this preference in mind, Qim info made changes to its processes to make sure the Cloud architecture was altered to perfectly match Decathlon’s requirements.

A flagship project to secure the marketplace connector

In addition to the fact that Qim info fully developed the Decathlonpro showcase website, another area in which our collaboration was particularly successful was a project to secure the marketplace connector: this was key to facilitating Decathlon’s online sales on various platforms, such as galaxus.ch.

This project needed us to draw on state-of-the-art expertise in IT security and development so that we could transform this connector into a robust tool that was perfectly secure. What was the aim? To improve the efficacy and increase the reach of Decathlon’s online sales, while also guaranteeing the protection of user data.

Qim info and Decathlon: a key collaboration for marketplace connector security

Marketplace connectors under the microscope: expertise provided by Qim info

The collaboration between Decathlon and Qim info proved to be decisive when it came to securing the marketplace connector. This project was key to the expansion of Decathlon’s online presence in Switzerland and the connector needed specialist expertise to guarantee it was secure and robust.

Before Qim info became involved, Decathlon had already put a solid technical basis in place for the integration of the system. In order to further improve this, however, it was necessary to call upon Qim info’s skills so that the desired standards of excellence could be reached.

Audits, recommendations and improvements: a winning combination

Automated daily audits are performed by the Decathlon Group to rigorously scrutinise and assess the performance of Cloud accounts and local applications; this also included the marketplace connector. The goal is to bring about and keep a minimum performance score to ensure the safety and efficiency of the systems.

Within this framework, Qim info played a key role by auditing the connector and then putting forward detailed recommendations to optimise it. Not only have the performance targets been 100% achieved, the connector has also been improved so that it can potentially be put into use in a number of other international markets for Decathlon.

As a result of this collaboration, Decathlon Geneva was able to both comply with audit standards and set a course so that it can expand its e-commerce operations worldwide in a secure manner.

Specific results that can be measured

The future for Decathlon and Qim info in terms of digital transformation

Keen to build on this success, Qim info and Decathlon are optimistic when they look into the future.

“We have significantly increased the budget that we have allocated to Qim info this year, which speaks volumes about how satisfied we are.”

Laurent Hayoz
Digital Product & Engineering Leader, Country Security Officer, Decathlon

The two companies are poised to dive into new projects and take on new challenges around digital transformation and IT security. Collaborating in this way forms part of a long-term dynamic where the guiding principles are ongoing innovation and the achievement of excellence.

Human connections: the cornerstone of success between Decathlon and Qim info

When analysing the impact of this collaboration, the success is not only measured in financial or technical terms, but also the level of satisfaction stated by managers at Decathlon Geneva.

“Flexibility, proximity and a mutual understanding between us and Qim info have been key components in our success; it has meant we could implement our projects smoothly and efficiently”

Laurent Hayoz
Digital Product & Engineering Leader, Country Security Officer, Decathlon

A collaborative model

The importance of choosing a partner for web development, Cloud security and IT project management

One of the key lessons to be learned from this collaboration is just how important it is to choose the correct technology partner. The ability of Qim info to gain a deep understanding of the challenges facing Decathlon, the fact they came for a meeting on-site and the appropriate solutions they suggested were all decisive factors.

“Qim info really gave us what we were looking for. We were impressed by their expertise.”

Laurent Hayoz
Digital Product & Engineering Leader, Country Security Officer, Decathlon

This case study is the perfect illustration of how a successful synergy between a company and its IT service provider can result in major technological advances.

Talent synergism at Qim info: a growth catalyst for Decathlon Switzerland

To conclude, the success that has been enjoyed is testament to the enormous benefits that can be derived from working with 600 multi-talented experts in diverse fields from Cloud architecture to software development, IT engineering to DevOps specialists and systems engineers. This broad array of expertise not only results in ambitious projects being successfully implemented, but also opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Would you like to draw on our expertise to optimise your productivity by using our Cloud consulting and Cloud migration services? Or are you looking to develop software or an application that is 100% customised to meet the needs of your company? Then get in touch with us!

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