Qim info, an expert IT/IS company in Lausanne 


Located in the heart of the city, in the Flon district, the Qim info agency in Lausanne will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! 

Having been established in its new premises for 1 year, the team is now made up of two recruiters, two business managers and an agency manager, all working to meet the needs of our clients, who are more and more numerous to place their trust in Qim info’s expertise. 

Our 35 IT/IS consultants are committed to meeting the technological and functional challenges of our long-standing clients, as well as new ones, from diverse and varied business sectors: whether banks, insurance companies, public companies, international organisations, or even luxury players. 

You can also take advantage of internal events, like Last Thursdays! All employees have the opportunity to meet outside of work to share good times! 

This up-and-coming young and dynamic agency has a lot of good surprises in store for us! 

Contact Qim info Lausanne! 

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