2022 Tech News Top 5

Our expertise centre professionals share their tech nuggets in an article to add to your summer reading list!

1.Argo CD

ArgoCD, the best-selling deployment tool, is an advanced open-source tool that runs on a Kubernetes cluster and controls application deployment and lifecycle.

For more information on ArgoCD: Argo CD: A Tool for Kubernetes DevOps | by KubeSphere | Geek Culture | Medium

2. Crossplane

Crossplane, although less used in production, orchestrates applications and infrastructure—regardless of location, hybrid cloud or OnPremise—with declarative APIs based on the Kubernetes control plane.

Learn more about Crossplane: CROSSPLANE. What is Crossplane? | by Santosh Khelge | Medium

“Daily, these two tools will facilitate your infrastructure and application deployments, whether in the cloud or On Premise!” Clément Raussin, head of the Cloud & DevOps department.

3. Keeper Connection Manager

Keeper Connection Manager is a bastion for centralising infrastructure access. The product is based on Apache Guacamole and enables coupling with Keeper’s password manager solution, Keeper Secret Manager.

KCM allows IT teams to simplify and secure infrastructure access through a single entry point. Several protocols are supported, such as SSH, RDP, BDD MySQL, K8s, and more.

Access security can be configured according to the role, session registration, or multi-user session sharing. This solution is compatible with Active Directory, SSO, and LDAP.

“Keeper Connection Manager is a great tool to secure infrastructure access and to track actions performed.” Louis Gattabrusi, systems and network administrator.

Keeper Connection Manager Use Cases: Keeper’s cybersecurity suite simplifies zero-trust security (keepersecurity.com)

4. Angular 14

For several years, besides the transitions to versions 2 and 4, no other version of Angular has brought as many new features as version 14. That’s why the entire Angular community so eagerly awaited this release.

New features include improved Dependency Injection, Routing, Reactive Forms, and most importantly, the arrival of Standalone Components.

These new stand-alone components can be implemented without defining a module (NgModule) which avoids unnecessary complexity in most cases.

“Angular 14 has many new features to improve developer efficiency and code quality. But there’s no reason to rest on our laurels; version 15 will probably arrive by the end of 2022.” Morgan Marchelli, Fullstack developer.

To learn more about what’s new in Angular 14: https://blog.angular.io/angular-v14-is-now-available-391a6db736af

5. Microsoft Mesh

The Metaverse is undoubtedly one of the new computing concepts that will revolutionise our future in many ways. Microsoft is also on board, and at the end of 2021, they announced the imminent arrival of Microsoft Mesh.

Mesh aims to change the way people collaborate at work by, for example, allowing users to participate in face-to-face work sessions as if they were all physically present in the same room.

“For me, Microsoft Mesh is the first stage of a rocket ship that will take the computing world to new heights. The Microsoft Metaverse is full of promise; I can’t wait to discover what the future holds.” Cyril Vila, Microsoft 365 Project Manager

To learn more about the functional possibilities of Mesh: Microsoft ¦ Microsoft Mesh Overview, and for its technical design: Nishant Thacker ¦ Microsoft Mesh – A Technical Overview

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