IMAD: A project to help us help

A few months ago, the Geneva Institution for Homecare and Assistance (IMAD) asked us to help them solve one of their time optimisation problems. Each year, temporary workers are brought in to reinforce their teams to ensure the quality and delivery of home care services. IMAD wanted to implement a solution to simplify the management of temporary worker schedules and relieve administrative teams.

To what aim? Free up time to focus on their primary mission: Care and Assistance. Our Microsoft hub worked with IMAD teams for several months to create a customised solution in November: Tempo.

Our technical solution

Five people from our Microsoft hub participated in developing this solution, which includes two applications:

  • the first one facilitates data entry and works on any device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
  • the second provides validation via a browser.


The data entry application was developed on PowerApps: users (temporary workers) log in to access the classic time-recording functions (arrival/departure time; weekly/monthly summary, etc.). One of the objectives of the solution was also to make data entry on a smartphone or tablet accessible to everyone. The workflow associated with these entries goes through four stages: Entry, submission, validation or refusal, and billing.

This application, therefore, gives each temporary worker autonomy in providing their hours but also corrects them if the administrative managers don’t validate the data.

The web application dedicated to administrative managers makes it possible to check the information entered by temporary workers and, if necessary, forward it to the various IMAD branches. The second part of our solution is based on SharePoint Online and the Azure platform and uses several components: Power Automate, SharePoint Online (SPFx framework), and several Azure components.

Considerable time savings for IMAD teams

Digitalising this time-consuming time-management operation has freed up a considerable amount of time for IMAD teams to concentrate on their primary mission: Caring for and supporting people.

The entire Qim info team is pleased to have contributed to this great project, and our teams are already working on further improvements. We want to thank IMAD for their trust!

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