Kim’s testimony : her journey at Qim info

After a 3 years’s experience in project management in industrial security, I joined Qim info in November 2016 with the chance to know 3 jobs: Business Manager (1 month), Recruitment Manager (3 years), Business Analyst Consultant (1 and a half years).

You will tell me: “but how is this possible?

A scared recruiter would say that my profile is not linear and moreover that it is an atypical profile.

For the record, I applied for the position of Business Manager. Understanding the Geneva market and the IT field seemed very attractive to me, but it turns out that the training at the recruitment center had attracted me much more after spending several months there.

So here I am, working for the efficient recruitment team of Qim info!

I must admit, I got a few slaps in the face!

Just like the role of Business Manager, the job of Recruitment Officer is incredibly complex because it requires you to master contrasting skills.

You have to be logical in order to source the best profile, have a strong perseverance and rigor, while remaining naturally creative and human. All of this in the IT market, which is very specialized and competitive.

And then, from Recruitment Officer I became a Business Analyst.

Necessarily, this position of Recruitment Officer gives a good overview of all the missions that our Business Managers carefully unearth.

I was particularly interested in the Business Analyst position. It has all the attractions of recruitment (understanding the needs, logic, rigor, communication…) with an additional technical and concrete dimension. So here I am, working for a year and a half with one of Qim info’s historical clients.

I work as a Business Analyst, my mission is transverse and diversified, it allows me to change hats every day, to develop new skills permanently and to embody several jobs.

The dream of the atypical!

These are by far the two most incredible and human experiences I had in my career.

I would like to thank Qim info for the great trust they placed in me in my different professional aspirations.


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