When mathematics is applied to IT: meeting with Lise

At the age of 19, Lise made her choice: she spent her summer as an intern in our administrative team at Qim Info. Currently in a MIASHS degree program (Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to Human and Social Sciences) at the University of Lyon II, these 2 months allowed her to get a first-hand look at the corporate world and its various constraints. She tells us all about it in an interview!

Lise, can you explain why do you chose to do a voluntary internship at Qim Info?

I have always been interested in mathematics and computer science, which is why I chose to study science in high school. Literature or economics are disciplines that attract me less. My internship at Qim was an opportunity to apply what I had learned throughout my short career. It was also an opportunity for me to get a closer look at the business world. At 19 years old, the only insight I had so far was more related to my summer jobs (bakery…).

What did you learn during these few weeks spent with our team?

I joined the admin team, so I saw the importance of the HR function in a company like Qim info! The contact with the employees is permanent and it is essential to the good progress of the missions. The whole team puts a lot of energy into providing clear and quick answers to employees.

I worked in a very concrete way on VBA Excel and Power BI: I had to think about the best way to respond to a request from the admin team by developing a custom tool, adapted to their needs and which will be used daily. Quite a challenge!

And then, what is your project?

I just started my 2nd year of Bachelor’s degree in September, I will finish this course in two years and I plan to go on to a Master’s degree in psychology. This is a way for me to compare the very Cartesian vision of mathematics and IT with the human sciences!

If you had to remember one thing from your experience at Qim info, what would it be?

The atmosphere! Everyone was particularly nice with me, the relationships between people are really cool and I was very quickly integrated into the team even if I only stay for 2 months…I’m not sure that would have been the case elsewhere.

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