Portraits of Qim info work-study students: first steps into the corporate world.

At Qim info, we know that today’s students will be tomorrow’s experts. We take every opportunity to support these young professionals as much as possible in building their skills. In September 2022, Matis, Théo, Emma, and Jean-Christophe joined our teams as work-study students and interns. Let’s get their feedback on their time here up to now.

Let's start with introductions. Can you tell us a few words about yourself?

Jean-Christophe: I am 22 years old and in my last year of studies before obtaining a Master’s degree in computer science, specialising in cybersecurity. I joined Qim info a few weeks ago as an apprentice system and network administrator.

Theo: I am 18 and have just finished my BAC in Industrial Science and Technology and Sustainable Development. I joined the ITOSS department.

Matis: My name is Matis. I’m 22 years old, and I have been on work-study at Qim info Annecy as a Business Manager since September 2022. At the same time, I am studying for a Master’s degree in ‘High Technology Business Engineering’ at the Euridis Business School in Aix-en-Provence.

Emma: My name is Emma. I am 19 years old and am doing a double degree in business and sustainable development at ESI Business School. I am currently in charge of human resources in the Qim info team in Annecy.

Why did you choose a work-study programme or a long-term internship?

Matis: This is my third year of work-study, and I am convinced that this training system is better suited to my profile because it relies on the immediate application of skills. The work-study program allows me to mature professionally and socially. I like to talk to older people about technical, business, or current affairs.

Theo: The school I want to join requires its future students to do a one-year internship in a company. And I’m pleased about that because I wanted to take a short break from my studies to learn more about life at work.

Why did you choose Qim info?

Jean-Christophe: I chose Qim info because it is a fast-growing company with an extensive catalogue of tasks, which is particularly interesting for a young development engineer. Moreover, it is an international company that will allow me to take my first step in the global field.

Matis: Joining Qim info was perfect for my professional project to increase my commerce, management, and recruitment skills. By integrating IT, it has become a vibrant and promising environment thanks to its constant evolution and innovation over the past years.

What is it like being immersed in professional life as an intern or work-study student?

Jean-Christophe: My supervisor and the rest of the team gave me a very warm welcome. They give the feeling that everyone is doing their best to support you. I feel very well integrated into this new world!

Theo: My integration is going very well. Everyone is caring and patient, and I’m learning much about IT.

Emma and Matis: We feel great about entering into this professional life. From the start, Qim info Annecy made us feel welcome and comfortable. The teams are attentive and available.

What are the main projects you will work on?

Emma: My work-study program will cover three years. This will allow me to discover different positions every year and develop my skills. First, I’ll be in charge of human resources, recruitment, and finally, Business Manager.  With this first position, I am learning about various HR subjects related to the employee’s life in the agency, such as payroll management, work contracts, trial periods, etc. The Annecy agency is experiencing significant growth, allowing me to participate in implementing new processes. What is Qim info’s objective? To support and train me to become perfectly autonomous on the job.

Matis: Today, I source candidates according to the requests of my senior Business Manager colleagues. I will learn as much as possible about the IT business, the market, our customers, and more. At the end of this period, I can recruit profiles independently. I will then take on all the functions of a Business Manager: Prospection, customer relations, employee management, and career-monitoring.

Jean-Christophe: I’m working primarily on developing a tool that will improve the efficiency of our teams in conducting security audits. I also work daily with my colleagues to ensure the security of Qim info’s IT infrastructure.

If you had to summarise your start at Qim info in three words?

Jean Christophe: encouraging, supportive, satisfying.

Theo: happy, instructive, good mood! 😊 

Matis: caring, challenging, exciting.

Emma: caring, collaboration, festive.

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