Annecy : a new Qim info agency

Since a few weeks, something is happening in the Parc des Glaisins in Annecy: boxes, furnitures… people! Qim info move in Annecy!

The opening of a new agency, like an evidence

For more than 16 years, Qim info has become a key player in the French and German speaking regions of Switzerland.

The geographical proximity of these regions the neighboring country logically leads to the development of strong interactions between Switzerland and France. With more than a hundred clients and missions as varied as always, it is common for some of our employees to work in both countries.

From the beginning, Qim info has been solicited for projects led by French companies, first in Paris and more recently in Annecy. In April 2015, Qim info got closer to the French group MoOngy and was able to seize opportunities to develop its activity in France with the creation of the first offices in Grenoble the following year. Over time, Qim info has become the trusted partner of new customers in France.

In order to continue this dynamic and to meet the needs of our French clients in Haute-Savoie, we have decided to open a new office in the heart of the Parc des Glaisins in Annecy.

New offices and a growing range of services

Still in the process of being set up, our new premises in Annecy will be operational by the end of November 2021.

Our administrative and commercial team, which is heavily involved in the implementation of this project, will continue to develop our business in the Annecy area, a territory where 40 of our employees already work.

Beyond that, the installation of this new agency will also allow us to offer new services to our customers (nearshore in particular), always with the same will that animates the Qim info teams since the first day: to bring relevant and adapted answers to our customers’ needs.

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