Why is SIG trusting Qim info?

goodGaz: the application that makes connecting to SIG gas easy

In 2018, as part of a call for tenders, the Geneva public company SIG (Services Industriels Genevois) chose Qim info to develop goodGaz. This internal application tracks gas connection operations in the canton. Benoit Mermillod-Anselme, IT Project Manager at SIG, doesn’t regret that choice.

Modernising work tools is a priority for large companies. In this particular context, SIG, an independent public company dedicated to serving Geneva’s citizens and specialising in various areas such as water, gas, electricity, thermal energy, optical fibre, and waste recovery, expressed the need to modernise its internal application for monitoring gas connection operations.

« At the time, SIG was operating within an IT environment that we intended to move away from. Our gas connection tracking application was running in this environment, and consequently, the decision was made to modernise the application.

Therefore, in collaboration with the application manager, we rewrote all the trade specifications to enhance the features, drafted the specifications, and launched the call for tenders, which was ultimately won by Qim info.  »

Benoit Mermillod-Anselme, IT project manager at SIG

A responsive and efficient team

A team of three developers, an ergonomist, and a Scrum Master from the Custom Software Development department were assigned to this first contract between SIG and Qim info. The goal was to create, in strict compliance with the specifications, a new version of the application for monitoring gas connection operations in the canton of Geneva: goodGaz

« I am thrilled with Qim info’s work because we didn't provide any information about the previous version of the application. The team of developers only used the specifications to develop the content and design. We wanted them to come up with a modern, functional, and easy-to-use application. »
Benoit Mermillod-Anselme, IT project manager at SIG

The Qim info team met this challenge with flying colours and met the client’s expectations. Mid 2019, after several weeks of work, the application was delivered to SIG. “We are delighted with the final result, which perfectly suits our initial requirements. Qim info teams have shown true dedication and efficiency.” 

 Learning about a new customer’s framework and trade is never trivial. It’s even gratifying and is one of our project team’s primary motivations,” explains Loïc Malot, head of the Custom Software Development department. It was not a simple redesign of an application but also the implementation of an evolving and coherent application base to develop other applications that will use that same base. ”

goodGaz : a clear and easy-to-use application

What is goodGaz? It’s a tailor-made business application that manages gas connection requests made in the canton of Geneva. Whenever a construction project or building site is initiated, and the customer (developer, architect, etc.) requests a gas network connection, all the parties involved in the operation, including studies, legal and technical teams, estimators, and construction personnel, rely on this application. Each step is thus followed from one end of the chain to the other.

In nine months of development, we put the application into production, and the goal was achieved. The goodGaz application is so easy to use that a single presentation was enough for employees to understand it immediately and quickly become operational. Qim has produced an application that meets our needs with a solution that responds to SIG’s trades,” adds Benoit Mermillod-Anselme.

What is a tailor-made business application?

  • It is an in-house computer tool tailored for a specific company.
  • It facilitates and automates the company’s various processes and interactions between its collaborators.
  • It meets a company’s specific needs and requires a unique and original design.
  • It is accessible and understandable by all the trades involved in the process.
  • It reinforces the image of a modern and innovative company.

Qim info - SIG: a winning partnership

« Collaborating with clients like GIS is always exciting, especially because we are working in a technical environment that perfectly matches our team’s skillsThe client demonstrated exceptional involvement, fulfilling their responsibilities as the Product Owner and supporting our developers with their remarkable availability. It was appreciated and one of the main reasons for the project’s success.»

Loïc Malot, Head of the Custom Software Development department

«Everything went well. The team prioritised open communication and tried to incorporate changes in opinion as best they could. Their commendable flexibility and responsiveness deserve recognition. The only times I needed to give my input were on subjects about our trades, never for technical questions».

Benoit Mermillod-Anselme, IT project manager at SIG

Thus, during the entire development phase, the strong ties between Qim info and the Geneva-based company made creating this turnkey business solution possible.
Finally, once the application went into production, SIG and Qim info entered a maintenance period for the goodGaz application. “It’s reassuring for us to have only one contact person. They know the technical interface perfectly and can intervene quickly if necessary. It’s lovely to be able to count on Qim and their very professional staff.”

Are they new projects on the horizon?

After developing the goodGaz application, new projects between Qim info and SIG could happen. Recently, a second application was produced by our teams to meet a need for internal audits within SIG. “We chose Qim info’s teams again because we knew their skills. We even went a step further and asked for a specific person to develop this application. This is further evidence of the trusting relationship that has been built between the two companies since 2018.

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