A wave of freshness coming at Qim info

For a few weeks now, something is happening at Qim info. Bandits have taken possession of the Codir. But to do what? What are their demands? No ransom demand has been received so far… Don’t worry, everyone is safe. The Bandits are in fact a communication consulting agency. Pierre, Yann, Chloé and Jeanne work alongside Qim info on the company’s global communication strategy.

What exactly are we talking about?

Initially, the request concerned the redesign of our website. Indeed, after many years of good and loyal service, it was no longer representative of the company’s spirit and, more broadly, of the work done every day by Qim info’s employees to satisfy our customers’ requests. But a website is only a tool. After several discussions, it appeared that the branding of Qim info also deserved a small update.

The objective: clearly tell our partners, our employees of today and tomorrow, what Qim info is; namely a company in which the human aspect is essential.

Several workshops were organized to allow the Bandits to better understand the values and ambitions of Qim info. Beyond the new website, this project will lead to a new visual identity (logo, graphic charter) that will be more in line with the speech we carry.

In 2022, Qim info will be 17 years old, the age of all possibilities…!

Like a teenager who claims his identity, Qim info is preparing to enter a new stage of his life with elegance, while maintaining his creative spirit. We can’t wait to show you the results of our work with Les Bandits!

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