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Do you need to switch to Kubernetes? Wondering how to choose the best expert? Qim info has the solution.

Let’s quickly recall that Kubernetes (or K8s) is one of the most well-known and widely used orchestrators, enabling the management of application containers in open source. This type of architecture offers great stability and flexibility for applications and software by facilitating their resilience and scaling according to the required load. To learn more, we refer you to the excellent article by our colleague Benjamin Calvet on Komodor, the next-gen Kubernetes console, in which he explains what Kubernetes is.

First, let’s look at the steps of a Kubernetes service.

The Steps of a Kubernetes Service

Of course, each Kubernetes service is unique! The steps below provide a general overview of the process, but details may vary depending on the complexity and requirements of your project.

Needs Assessment

As with any project, the first step is to assess the specific needs of your project. For this, the expert must understand your objectives, constraints, and requirements.

At this point, you have two essential considerations:

  1. On-premise installation or cloud hosting?

On-premise solutions have the advantage of freedom in managing and configuring Kubernetes on your infrastructures, while avoiding potential costs associated with a Cloud provider. As for hosted solutions, they are a very convenient way to create and maintain Kubernetes clusters. They free you from the task of managing and operating your clusters.

  1. Architectural Design

The architecture of your Kubernetes cluster includes elements such as node configuration, load balancing, storage management, security policies… The goal is to create a robust and scalable architecture tailored to your needs.

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Cluster Installation and Configuration, Application Deployment

The expert then proceeds with the installation and configuration of the Kubernetes cluster. This includes setting up the nodes (physical or virtual) that will make up the cluster, installing Kubernetes on these nodes, and configuring necessary components such as the API Server, the Controller Manager, the Scheduler. Once the cluster is ready, the Kubernetes expert helps you deploy your applications.

Monitoring, Security, and Cluster Management

The Kubernetes expert helps you set up monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, or Kubernetes Dashboard. These allow monitoring performance, detecting potential issues, and maintaining cluster stability.

Similarly, the expert ensures security and implements access control mechanisms, authentication, and encryption of communications within the cluster.

Finally, they help you effectively manage the cluster resources by implementing resource management policies, such as horizontal pod autoscaling or the use of quotas.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

This step is optional depending on your need: do you want to fully delegate Kubernetes management after deployment, or keep control? Throughout the service, the expert can provide training to your team, enabling them to acquire the skills necessary to independently maintain and manage the Kubernetes cluster. This is indeed one of our strengths at Qim info: end-to-end project support, which naturally includes team training.

You now have the keys to understanding a Kubernetes service; we will now advise you on how to choose your expert.

How to Select the Best Kubernetes Expert?

Our Cloud & DevOps Solutions department, which is part of Qim info’s Centre of Expertise, offers you the best Kubernetes experts. You can contact us with the assurance that your project will be understood, defined, implemented, and followed up with great demand.

Indeed, selecting an expert is not simple. Will they be up to the task? Will they understand your needs? We have listed some selection criteria for you. Naturally, these are not checklist items to be ticked off at all costs. Your intuition remains crucial.

Experience and References

Look for information on your expert’s professional background, previous projects related to Kubernetes, and any relevant certifications or training. Do not hesitate to contact their previous employers or clients. An expert with solid experience will be an asset. But a promising young talent could also suit you!

Technical Skills

We are talking about a crucial point here. Your expert must demonstrate a deep knowledge of Kubernetes architecture and its key concepts.

Communication Skills

Effective communication facilitates collaboration, mutual understanding, and problem-solving.

Pricing and Availability

Ensure that the rates offered fit within your budget and that the expert’s availability meets your needs.

Community Participation

Participation à la communauté​

Is the expert active in the Kubernetes community, through participation in events (projects, conferences…), for example? If so, this may indicate their passion for the subject and their level of involvement.

If you have doubts, we have the two best experts for you at Qim info!

The Best Kubernetes Experts

Within our Cloud & DevOps Solutions department,XXXBenjamin and I are your two preferred experts. Here are our profiles.

Clément Raussin

Clément Raussin

After lending my skills to the French Prime Minister, I have been applying my expertise as the head of our Cloud & DevOps Solutions department since 2022. Cloud technologies hold no secrets for me, just like container orchestration with Kubernetes. I am a true enthusiast and love tackling the technological challenges offered by Cloud Computing environments, which require constant vigilance as well as numerous experiments.

My skills include, among others, Cloud Computing, Kubernetes, Infrastructure as code (IaC), and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

With our “Cloud & DevOps solutions” department, my ambition is to position Qim info prominently in the Swiss DevOps sector. Indeed, this is a fast-moving, innovative and fast-growing field, and I believe it’s essential to create a network to share our practices.

Follow me on LinkedIn!

Benjamin Calvet

Ops Engineer at Qim info, I come from the Avignon region. I have always been interested in the fields of new technologies, particularly information systems. Enthusiastic and curious, I continuously train to acquire new certifications and skills that I put to the service of the Cloud & DevOps Solutions department.

My skills include Linux, container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker…), and DevOps, among others. In fact, I obtained the “Kubernetes Administrator” certification from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2022.

Now that I’ve joined the Cloud & DevOps Solutions department of Qim info, I work with Clément with the goal of developing our Centre of Expertise and staying at the forefront of innovation. That’s why I participate in events such as DevOpsDays Geneva, privileged moments for exchange, creating a community of experts, and returning with new ideas!

Follow me on LinkedIn!

Kubernetes Services at Qim info

Container orchestration technologies improve the high availability of your IT services. At Qim info, we advise, install, and support your Kubernetes clusters on-premises or in the Cloud.

We commit to:

  • Efficient construction: thanks to our design and implementation, you benefit from a relevant orchestration platform for managing containers and useful microservices.
  • Performance: a better user experience and high performance to easily scale your hosting platform.
  • Support: reduce your operating costs by entrusting maintenance, security, and supervision to our team of experts.

Why Work with Qim info on Kubernetes?

Working with us means surrounding yourself with the best experts in the field. Indeed,

  1. Our reputation needs no introduction. According to the ranking established by ICT Journal in 2022, we are the 3rd IT company in French-speaking Switzerland. You have a project, we have the solution! To constantly meet our clients’ expectations, our experts regularly obtain new certifications that attest to their competences.
  2. You need the best specialists for your Kubernetes project! Passionate, our experts are eager to share with you their discoveries and latest advancements in the sector, like when Benjamin explains what is Komodor, the next-gen Kubernetes console, or when our colleagues inform you of Tech novelties.. Similarly, we recruit the best in their field for you. We also invite you to check our “Join us” page on Qim info.
  3. We prefer a personalised approach: our clients are our priority. We implement what is necessary to precisely target your constraints and priorities. We show flexibility to fully satisfy you.

Indeed, our clients often wonder what the difference is between a Kubernetes service and training, it’s time to clarify this point.

Training VS Kubernetes Service

These are two distinct services, although they can be complementary.

Indeed, a service aims to set up a ready-to-use Kubernetes solution, specific to your information system, according to the steps we outlined earlier. In contrast, the main goal of training is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for teams to become autonomous in managing Kubernetes.

As we explained in our discussion on the steps of a Kubernetes service, training can be part of, or not, the service provided. At Qim info, we prefer a comprehensive and complete approach to your project, which naturally includes training.

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Comment votre migration vers le Cloud peut-elle contribuer à optimiser vos coûts et à la performance de votre IT ?
Nos experts vous détaillent comment l’Infrastructure as Code (IaC), le FinOps, la surveillance proactive et le pouvoir du Shift-left peuvent optimiser votre migration vers le Cloud. Téléchargez votre guide pour démystifier ces termes et tout comprendre du Cloud & Devops.

FAQ: Sites to Find Kubernetes Experts

As often with the Internet, the difficulty does not lie in finding information but rather in sorting through the multitude of possibilities returned by search engines! Our advice is to turn to an experienced digital services company with recognised skills, like Qim info.

However, if you wish to deepen your knowledge and skills, there are sites and platforms for exchanges between enthusiasts, Kubernetes experts. We can notably mention:

  • Stack Overflow is an international platform in the field of programming and system administration, very popular for its Q&A section.
  • DevOpsLinks is a platform that brings together experts in the fields of DevOps, Cloud, and Kubernetes.
  • Kubernetes.io is a community dedicated to Kubernetes. You can join their Slack group to ask questions and exchange with Kubernetes experts.

To conclude, we wish to emphasise our passion and expertise. Our Cloud & DevOps Solutions department was specially designed to stay at the cutting edge of innovation, and Kubernetes-related issues are obviously part of it.

Our qualifications and certifications represent tangible elements that attest to our competences, but far beyond the mere IT services we offer, we humanise our professions and position ourselves as close partners, attentive to the needs and expectations of our clients.

Contact us for more information about your Kubernetes project, we will be delighted to discuss it with you!

signature Clément Raussin

Clément Raussin

Head of the Cloud & DevOps Solutions Department at Qim info

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