PowerBI at the service of the administrative team

A few weeks ago, we wrote you about our intern, Lise, who joined our administrative team for a summer. During her internship, she was able to work on concrete projects that allowed the team to save time on specific operations. Here is a cross-experience with Lise and Sophia, administrative and financial manager at Qim info.


Lise, during your internship, you mainly worked on 2 different projects. How did you respond to the admin team’s requests?

When I arrived, the team asked me to solve a problem concerning the inputs/outputs at Qim info. These data, essential to the follow-up of the global activity, are entered in several excel files to be then treated at different levels according to the needs of each one.

Sophia’s initial request was to group the information in a single file, but also to secure the access to these informations. So I created a macro that allows to quickly identify errors and then I proposed to the team to develop a tool with PowerBI to facilitate the reading of the data. The tool was developed in partnership with the internal teams to guarantee its reliability.


Sophia, what this new vision has brought you in a very concrete way?

Lise’s work has really simplified our lives and saved us time. As far as I’m concerned, I now have a guarantee that the data I use is secure. I can access it in a few minutes and the detailed analysis us to better anticipate our decisions.


PowerBI always, to simplify the control of the invoicing follow-up…

L: Yes, I continued my work on PowerBI with the internal teams to propose to the admin team a tool that would simplify the readability of the invoicing follow-up and the control of the data. Again, it was the same principle: to guarantee the security of the entering data (as many people are likely to access it), to group together various sources of information and to make access and follow-up clearer for the team, whose job is not to be Excel specialists.

S: This information is the lifeblood of any admin team! On a daily basis, we use this data to track our activity. Until now, we had several sources that allowed us to find possible data entry errors, but not in an automated way. Thanks to Lise’s work, we now have easy access to all this data, which really saves us time in our various control phases. So much saved time to work with our employees on their projects and expectations.

Lise’s intervention has made the admin team even more efficient in anticipating the needs of our employees and our customers, a value at the heart of our project at Qim info. We are delighted to have been able to collaborate with her on these subjects and we wish her all the best in her professional career!

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