At Qim Info, every actions counts

As an IT company, all our teams necessarily work on computer and telephone sets whose performance and lifespan are unfortunately far too short compared to the energy and raw materials consumed in their construction.

In a context where everyone is asked to participate in a common effort to preserve our environment and our resources, it is difficult not to take the time to think about a better way to treat this “waste” when this equipment reaches the end of its life… For several years, our teams have launched a global approach to recover these materials.

The best waste is the one which doesn’t exist.

Telephone and computer equipment that no longer meets the requirements of our businesses can largely hope for a new life in another sector of activity or for private individuals.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, various actions have been carried out to give a second life to this equipment: donation to associations (Itopie, a cooperative that supports free, ethical and sustainable computing), donations to Qim info employees whose equipment didn’t allow them to telework, etc.

In total, for the last 3 years, Qim info hasn’t thrown away any computer or telephone equipment.

We are proud to participate, at our level, in a local, national and global effort to reduce the energy footprint of our human activities on the environment. Other actions within our CSR policy are being developed to complete this global approach.

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