Our trades have a future: Let’s talk it over!

For many people, IT jobs are vast and sometimes vague, but this sector now holds a predominant place in our daily lives. The challenges we will be facing will profoundly transform our ways of working. We will need innovative solutions, and IT will contribute to making them a reality.

At Qim info, we have our hearts set on sharing our knowledge and talking about our trades to as many people as possible. Our employees regularly meet with tomorrow’s talent to share their daily life. Every day, our teams invest in promoting IT: Presence at the leading student and trade fairs in the sector, participation in the 2022 Girl’s Coding Club, partnership with the HES-SO, and more.

This year is no exception to the rule, and to continue to share our experiences, we will be available to meet you at various student fairs in Switzerland and France.

Would you like to meet us?

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