Cross-over discussion with Veronique, Cyril and Sara talk about Qim info.

Veronique, Cyril and Sara are three Qim info consultants, working in delegation or on the agency side, and regularly collaborate together on various projects concerning the tpg (Geneva Public Transport).

Q: Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Sara: I have always lived in the Geneva region and I joined Qim info as a consultant in delegation, at the beginning with a first client before arriving at the tpg.

Cyril: Arrived in 2019 in the region, I joined the Microsoft team of Qim info, where I work as a functional consultant on all aspects of the Office 365 suite.

Veronique: We settled in Evian on July 14, 2018 with my little family. I started at Qim in September as a project manager to support the tpg.

Q: Can you summarize your professional background?

Sara: I come from the world of digital marketing and communication as much from my studies as from my professional experiences. Qim info has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience in more technical, analytical and IT related subjects.

Cyril: I come from a technical background, SharePoint development. I progressively evolved towards other functions more in line with my personality (I like being in contact with customers, understanding their needs, guiding them, training them etc…)

Veronique: With a master’s degree in chemistry and a post-graduate degree in environment, I wanted to save the whales with Captain Cousteau. But the year 2000 had not yet provided jobs for ecologists! While companies were offering training opportunities in computer science, I surfed the web wave and learned to evolve with the trends.

Q: How did you first hear about Qim info?

Sara: When I was looking for a new job, I left my resume on several platforms and Qim info contacted me to discuss an interesting assignment with a major client.

Cyril: I came to Qim through a friend who was at Qim at the time.

Veronique: In my previous job, the director of the Lyon region had a colleague who had joined Qim Info. He put me in touch with her, she gave me my CV and I got a great opportunity!

Q: What motivated you to join the Geneva region and Qim? What were the things that made you want to join us?

Sara: At the time, I had other leads with employers in Lausanne but the project I was going to work on with a first client in Geneva seemed much more exciting. There was also a very good feeling during the interview with this client and this is a very important aspect for me. I knew right away that the collaboration would be easy and that it would be an enriching experience.

Cyril: I wanted to leave Paris at all costs, I didn’t want to raise my children there, so I did a little tour of France to find the ideal place, my criteria were based on the well-being and the improvement of our living conditions. The fact that I had a friend in the company reassured me and then the feeling went well with Adrien and Xavier who made me pass the job interviews.

Veronique: I have known the region since I was 10 years old. The joke is that my husband does too. We have been coming to the region for 20 years because our friends have settled there. Then we decided: my husband wanted to create a judo club in Haute Savoie and to offer nature/judo courses to clubs in the Paris region. Our children were growing up, the 40th birthday was approaching, the older one was going to high school. It was now or never!

Q: What struck you the most when you arrived at Qim info?

Sara: Everyone is relaxed at the agency; it’s a young and dynamic team, which adapts to each client and has a great professionalism without taking itself too seriously.

Cyril : The good atmosphere in the company was a real contrast with my previous company, you quickly find your bearings, it is reassuring for newcomers.

Veronique: Same as Cyril since we come from the same company by chance! A top team, the proximity with the direction, an interesting mission.

Q : Can you tell us about your integration within Qim info?

Sara: I was well received. I was introduced to the agency’s premises, to the different teams working there, and Qim info organized an afterwork party (this was before the confinement) so that the new consultants could get to know each other and learn more about the company.

Cyril : I was quickly integrated in the agency, I talked with a lot of people, especially during lunch breaks and games of table soccer.

Veronique : I started with a 50% “freelance” contract to answer the client’s need. The administrative and commercial team explained everything to me: whether it was about life in the company or about the tricks of the trade. I was very well accompanied.

Q: If you could describe Qim info in 3 words, what would they be?

Sara: Adaptable, dynamic, welcoming.

Cyril : Family company, ambitious and respectful.

Veronique : Welcoming, human, progressive.

Q : What is your best memory at Qim info?

Sara : The 15 years anniversary.

Cyril : Qim’s birthday and the day Jacques took me flying one day at noon.

Veronique: The little integration party at La Praille where I met the other consultants: I can’t wait to do it again!

Q : What would be your words to motivate a candidate to join Qim info ?

Sara: If you want to work on varied, interesting and rewarding projects, join us!

Cyril: If you want to feel good in your job, don’t hesitate, come to Qim!

Veronique: No better!


The tpg also rely on other Qim info consultants, notably Sara (another Sara than the one interviewed) who supports the tpg technical team around SAP, especially in the maintenance module. Cyril’s team also supports the SIT according to the needs (Pôle Microsoft).

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