What about continuing education?

Throughout their career, Qim info employees are encouraged to train in order to increase their skills and to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

These trainings are generally offered as part of the missions: for example, a dozen of our employees have been trained in Python at the request of one of our customers, and soon a next group will be trained on AWS for another need. We also recently helped an employee to find a tailor-made Jira training course to meet our customer’s specific needs.

But these trainings can also be offered during the inter-contract period. Passing a certification, practicing English… this period can be used to allow everyone to continue to improve.

E-learning courses have also been set up to enable any employee who wants to perfect his or her skills and make better use of them.

Through the various organizations we work with, we can target the needs of each individual and find the most appropriate training.

We encourage employees to ask their managers to discuss it.

“To learn is to want to progress, to be driven by a passion, by an intense thirst for discovery.

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