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Discover our vision of cloud consulting, its advantages for your business, and the entire Qim info offer.


Are you looking to migrate to the cloud but uncertain about how to go about it? Cloud consulting could be the solution you need.

Adapting to technological advancements and saving time, turning to the cloud is increasingly becoming the standard for both small and large organizations. The services offered by the cloud are numerous and significantly make working in companies easier.

If you’ve read our comprehensive article on the cloud, you know that it represents a model providing access to computing services via the internet, based on a network of remote servers that are interconnected, functioning as a single system.

However, migrating to a cloud architecture or optimizing an existing one poses a significant challenge for a company. This is why cloud consulting has become prominent in recent years, as a process where consultants assist in defining and implementing a customized cloud strategy.. This guidance encompasses both human and technical aspects, including services such as feasibility studies, architecture selection, testing, or training.

Qim info offers this guidance. Here’s our perspective on cloud consulting.

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Our View on Cloud Consulting

At Qim info, we have a clear understanding of our responsibilities towards our clients, whether in consulting in general or in cloud consulting services in particular. Consulting is our core activity, and client relations our top priority. We aim to pinpoint your needs and provide solutions tailored to your project.

Given the cloud represents challenges on several levels (technological, human, financial), our approach is:

  • Comprehensive: our mission is to support you throughout your project. We remain at your service even after your cloud architecture becomes operational, through ongoing support, cost management (FinOps), and training for teams.
  • Multidisciplinary: a migration to the cloud involves design, development, and production teams, transforms business applications, and necessitates a reconsideration of your cloud’s technical components. Therefore, our teams are inherently multidisciplinary, comprising project managers, architects, coaches, and cybersecurity engineers.
  • Holistic: moving to the cloud is not just a transition but a thorough exploration of your company’s needs, constraints, and timelines. It’s similar to embarking on a high mountain expedition: knowing the direction is not enough; you also need to understand the terrain and prepare for all possible challenges. In this regard, we utilize agile methodologies to define a shared direction and clearly mark the path of our journey.

This is where DevOps consulting comes into play, serving as an experienced guide through the complex terrain of the cloud. If you’re curious about how it works, we invite you to read our detailed article on DevOps.

For a comprehensive overview and a successful journey to the cloud, Qim info has established within its Centre of Expertise the “Cloud & DevOps Solutions” department. We advocate for a strong collaboration between Cloud and DevOps teams to facilitate agile cloud migration. The DevOps approach simplifies and smoothens the transition to the cloud, just as appropriate gear enhances a mountaineer’s performance.

Hence, we specifically offer agile cloud consulting, aiding you in navigating this journey with flexibility and adaptability. To achieve this, we provide access to experts, such as DevOps coaches or engineers, akin to our experienced mountaineers, ready to guide you through each stage of your cloud migration. We partner with leading platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, leveraging their powerful tools for enhanced consultancy.

The Qim info Perspective on Cloud Consulting

Let’s revisit the benefits of the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Consulting for Businesses

Engaging in cloud consulting services might seem expensive, yet it’s a long-term investment with numerous benefits:

Customization of your cloud project

This is perhaps the main advantage, as your needs are precisely identified and the solutions provided are custom-tailored. We integrate into your company, assimilating your processes, organization, and corporate culture to best tailor your journey to the cloud. Whether you seek comprehensive or partial support, focused more on technical aspects or team training, cloud consulting ensures you receive the most suitable service for your specific requirements.

Sustainable Foundations

We deliver essential expertise in governance and responsibility sharing to companies migrating to the cloud. Our experts assist organizations in developing robust cloud governance policies, aligning business objectives with best security and compliance practices. They help in clearly defining roles and responsibilities between cloud service providers and clients, ensuring efficient task distribution while maintaining optimal data security and system performance.

We educate and train internal teams, establish monitoring and reporting processes, adapt governance policies to the evolving needs of the company, thus laying a solid foundation for a successful and lasting cloud experience.

Cost optimization (FinOps)

A comprehensive cloud strategy allows for the examination and optimization of all expenses. Rather than considering each need independently and selecting providers in isolation, cloud consulting offers a holistic view of all project aspects, engaging the best partners to develop a coherent financial strategy. Our FinOps approach aims at monitoring and optimizing cloud computing costs.

Optimal performance

Similarly, a comprehensive strategy ensures technical coherence, anticipating and resolving interoperability issues among the different components of your cloud architecture. The goal is for all elements, potentially involving various providers, to work seamlessly together, adhering to cloud-native prerequisites, thus minimizing technical constraints to allow you to focus on your core business.

Enhanced security and high availability

This is naturally a significant concern for every company. As we’ve highlighted in our comprehensive article on the cloud,it often suffers from an undeserved poor reputation in terms of security. Though absolute security cannot be guaranteed for any IT system, cloud providers are deeply committed to cybersecurity, offering increasingly effective solutions as evidenced by emerging labels and certifications. Cloud consulting also involves defining with you the necessary level of security and the technical environment that will best ensure it,

highlighting the comprehensive benefits that make cloud tech consulting an attractive option for any company. But why opt for Qim info?

Choosing Qim info for Your Company's Cloud Development

Deploying the cloud within a company is a nuanced operation that requires the expertise of the best professionals to manage the migration. Our proven expertise in this domain is unquestionable. According to the 2022 ranking by ICT Journal, we are the third-leading IT company in French-speaking Switzerland, as detailed in our article on digital service companies.

Furthermore, our Centre of Expertise includes a specific “Cloud & DevOps Solutions” department dedicatedto ensuring the success of your cloud project. We possess the top talents and stay at the forefront of innovation in an ever-evolving sector. Being responsive to changes in the landscape is crucial for us to offer the most current and appropriate solutions for your project. Our Centre of Expertise operates on a project basis, with a commitment to results or means, offering the option of delegating one of our consultants full-time. Qim info is your partner for custom solutions, adapted to your company, regardless of your industry or company size.

Moreover, our approach to your project is holistic: we advise on strategy and governance, implement processes and tools, and ensure project follow-up. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support from start to finish of your project.

Additionally, we already offer our expertise across more than a dozen sectors such as banking, international organizations, trading, healthcare, administrations, luxury and watchmaking, industries, aeronautics, insurance, and more. Regardless of your field, we have a solution for you.

Lastly, our expertise includes numerous partnerships (Gold Microsoft, Nintex, AWS Partner, Fortinet, Powell Software, Snowflake, Redhat, TD Synnex) through which we can negotiate the best services for you.

Cloud Tools at Qim info

It’s time to introduce you to the types of cloud deployments we manage before concluding on our cloud solutions.

Types of Cloud Deployment We Manage

Our offer is structured around three main axes.

Feasibility and Cost Study for Cloud Migration

The multi-vendor experience of our engineers allows us to assist you in defining your new ready-to-use architecture. The benefits for your business are numerous: your teams become more productive as the tasks of operating and maintaining your IT system are partly delegated to cloud providers; cloud services allow you to focus on your core business; finally, your costs are optimised since you only pay for the resources used, which is the specificity of the cloud economic model.

We therefore propose:

  • Defining cloud governance
  • Designing a suitable and Cloud Native architecture
  • Defining migration strategies
  • Validating compliance with legal constraints on data protection and security
  • Identifying Cloud services that can improve and simplify your IT use
  • Estimating and comparing costs among major suppliers
  • Implementing the migration itself.

Management and Consulting Services for Orchestration and Container Management

Qim info aims to advise and support you in your containerisation strategy to achieve the best architecture for your project, improving the high availability of your IT services. The user experience is enhanced, and the performance of your service hosting platform is high. For this, we take care of:

  • Recommending the containerisation strategy for your company’s applications
  • Designing a Kubernetes (OpenShift, Rancher, AKS, EKS…) or Docker architecture
  • Deploying the orchestration infrastructure (on-premises or in the cloud)
  • Backing up and restoring your data.

Cloud Security and Real-Time Monitoring

Our goal is to enhance observability to strengthen, on one hand, the collaboration between development and operations teams, and on the other hand, security and customer experience. Our offer thus includes:

  • Establishing centralized log management and analysis
  • Implementing metrics-based monitoring
  • Integrating application and server connectors to collect logs and metrics
  • Collecting data with custom dashboards in an efficient and organised manner
  • Setting up real-time anomaly detection alerts
  • Establishing and configuring Zero Trust oriented security systems: Application Firewall (WAF), end-to-end encryption, authentication OIDC / SAML…

The cloud deployments we manage are based on solutions that we will now present.

Free Ebook

How can your migration to the cloud help optimise your costs and enhance your IT performance?

Our experts outline how Infrastructure as Code (IaC), FinOps, proactive monitoring, and the Shift-left power can optimise your cloud migration. Download your guide to demystify these terms and fully understand Cloud & DevOps.

Cloud Solutions We Use

Firstly, your choice will be directed towards one or several cloud providers.. Indeed, you will opt for a simple, multi-cloud, or hybrid architecture depending on your need. The advantage of Qim info is our multi-vendor expertise: our role consists of estimating and comparing the costs proposed by providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform leaders, but also European providers like Exoscale or Scaleway.

Then, we work on different platforms for orchestration and container management, like RedHat OpenShift and Rancher. Kubernetes technology (EKS Elastic Kubernetes Service at Amazon, AKS Azure Kubernetes Service at Microsoft, and GKE Google Kubernetes Engine) is also fully mastered. We rely on Docker, Helm, Longhorn, Ceph, Rook, Vault, Istio, Traefik, Istio, and Kafka, for example.

Finally, to optimally manage surveillance and security in the cloud, we use Elastic Stack, Dynatrace, Datadog, Grafana, or Prometheus. Thus, we also rely on a department 100% dedicated to application performance.

In conclusion, Qim info is your preferred partner to successfully carry out any cloud project! Whatever your need, project, or budget, we have a solution to offer you. Do not hesitate to contact us to define your project together.

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