Qim info, your IT/IS services company adapted to your needs 


As an IT services and information technology consulting company, our engineering services are diverse and adapted to the needs of our clients and the expectations of our employees.

We operate mainly in 3 different forms : consulting, projects and support.



Consulting means involving our consultants directly at a client’s and under their  direct management. 

Qim info intervenes via its Business Unit Manager in charge of the account so as to make regular reviews on the assignment and an annual career review with the employee. 

Missions typology

As business analysts/functional analysts, developers, testers and integrators, our consultants will be able to develop and integrate your tailor-made software programs and products.

Using on-premises or cloud architecture, LAN or WAN, relational databases or not, level 1 support or higher, our skills will allow you to implement and operate the platform necessary for your software solutions in the best way possible.

Advice and project monitoring
From the beginning of the project, we are able to support our clients and give them the keys to manage the project which will lead to its success.

Profil types

Thanks to their experience, our consultants are able to act with agility. They understand all business, development and operation-related problems.

Project Mode


In this mode we are commited to the result respecting the agreed cost
The build product belongs to you and is fully integrated to your information system
Agility or classical lifecycle, the process is adapted to your organisational constraints
We can work on-site or remotely
We transfer the required knowledge to your team

Consultants with the expertise you need

  • Engineers or technical experts with a significant experience, our consultants will be able to work with your teams making their skills available
  • We develop a new application, deploy a platform or maintain an operational system
  • The used technologies may cover different architectures : web, cloud, mobility, physical or virual servers etc.  an we know how to interoperate each-others and with your legacy systems

Do you want to tell us about your project?

Tailor-made solutions

  • We propose solutions answering your needs and respecting your constraints
  • During a project, our consultants play the roles missing in your teams
  • Projetct execution and steering is adapted to your orgaization
  • Local offer or nearshore, we can be both culturally close to you and geographically distant to givprovide to you the best solution for an optimized cost

 An IT/IS services company that supports you 

Our Expertise Center provides tailor-made solutions based on the issues encountered by our clients. 

Our offers are based on the skills of a multidisciplinary team capable of working on all stages of the software development cycle or of integration with an existing solution. 

This center of expertise includes 3 Competence centres, which make it possible to form a community of consultants around the same dominant theme. 

  • The Microsoft center which federates skills around certain environments of this publisher (SharePoint and Office 365 platforms, .Net development, interactions with the Azure ecosystem).
    Qim info is a Gold partner in the fields of Application Development and Collaboration & Content.
  • The Data center which enables to work on solutions based on Data Science, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence.
  • The DevOps center covers and creates interactions between the different facets of this new culture. Our experts are able to assess the maturity of the teams on the Plan, Create, Verify, Package, Release, Configure and Deploy aspects, then to propose and carry out the most relevant improvement projects.

Support, Project, Expertise, Advice, our centre of expertise will offer you the operating mode that best meets your expectations. 

 Our qualities  

22 months
Average duration of assignments


Response time to a request :
1 week for a delegation
2 weeks for a project


40% of our files lead to a client interview
45% of the consultants met are appointed to an assignment
50% of our offers lead to the launch of a project


We have consultants who are immediately available.

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