When learning rhymes with sharing

If we had to define Qim info in a few lines, we would first talk about the skills of our employees. Each of them represents the richness of the solutions we can offer to our customers. In order to cultivate the exchange of best practices and to allow each person to develop his or her knowledge and skills through contact with others, the management team supported a community of practice (COP) in 2021 on the theme of agility, proposed and led by Pascale Blanchard (agile coach at Qim info).

How does a community of practice work?

It’s simply moments of exchange and sharing organized around a common interest. A simple meeting after all? The interest of the COP goes further thanks to the animation of the group: organization of connection games, preparation of retrospectives… So many tools that can be shared.

As in many IT companies, Qim info employees work with agile methods on a daily basis. If the term is sometimes overused, it is fully part of our way of working and the level of service to which Qim info commits itself with its customers.

The objective of the COP is to create a link between the participants, to exchange on agility and on the experiences of each one to build new solutions: a kind of self-learning that capitalizes on the skills already present in-house, and it must be said, a bit of conviviality! The result? Each participant can learn and pass on their knowledge with the others, a real source of additional motivation that has a direct impact on the satisfaction of our customers!

Continuous improvement as a leitmotiv

Behind the agile CoP, “institutionalized” at Qim info, is of course one of our main concerns: to continue to provide the best possible response and offer to our customers. The launch of this first CoP marks another step in the continuous improvement of our areas of expertise.

Other communities of practice will be created. Stay tuned to learn more!

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