Qim info sponsors Europ’Raid 2024 crew

Qim info is pleased to commit to its employees and sponsor the 205 Be Raid’y linked toDavid Luong, one of the Europ’Raid 2024 crews! What is Europ’Raid? Europ’Raid is the top adventure raid in Europe, offering an 8,000-kilometre journey across 20 countries in 22 days to foster culture and solidarity. Aboard thirty-year-old Peugeot 205s, specially […]

The Colis du cœur experience

In August and September, over five half-days, 17 volunteers of Qim info worked with the Carouge foundation: Les Colis du Cœur. In groups of three or seven, they gave their time to the foundation. What is the Colis du Coeur? The foundation Colis du Coeur, created in 1993, distributes food and hygiene products to families […]

Girls in IT : back to the Girls Coding Club mentoring

Once again this year, Qim info renews its commitment to EPFL by participating in the Coding Club For Girls mentoring workshops for young girls between 11 and 16 years old. One of the objectives of this approach is to break down preconceived notions about IT and digital professions (to learn more, you can read our […]

Qim info, partner of the Club des Entreprises University Savoie Mont-Blanc!

Karim Sekkaï, Director of Qim info, and Nicolas Borghese, General Delegate of the Club des Entreprises, met on Thursday, February 9, 2023 to ratify the partnership agreement between the two entities. “The signature of this partnership formalises Qim info’s commitment to the education of tomorrow’s professionals.” In partnership with the Club des entreprises de l’Université […]

At Qim Info, every actions counts

As an IT company, all our teams necessarily work on computer and telephone sets whose performance and lifespan are unfortunately far too short compared to the energy and raw materials consumed in their construction. In a context where everyone is asked to participate in a common effort to preserve our environment and our resources, it […]

Gender pay gap: Qim info reaches its goal! 

At the beginning of 2021, Qim info conducted a study to analyse the gender pay gap. Our findings were no surprise for Team Qim: For the same job and skills, the gender pay gap was zero!  This result is essential for Qim info because we are committed to each individual’s professional and personal development. This […]

Training to aim parity

After 2 years of pandemic, the digital world is in turmoil: it is estimated that nearly 90% of jobs in Europe have a digital component. But in this field, inequalities persist. Indeed, women represent only 18% of the specialists in information and communication technologies (ICT) in Europe in 2020 (source: touteleurope.eu). This is why it […]

When CSR infuses at Qim info!

As an actor of the economic world, Qim info has always been a company concerned by its social and environmental impact, so many actions have been put in place. With a strong will to put these dimensions at the heart of its strategy, Qim info has dedicated resources to work on its Corporate Social Responsibility […]

Qim info partner of the HEG

For several years, Qim info has been a partner of the Geneva School of Management (HEG).As such, we were invited to participate in the graduation ceremony organized on November 18th at the Théâtre du Léman for the 283 students who had obtained the title of Bachelor of Science HES-SO, in the field of Economics and […]