What is Shift Left Security?

Do you want to enhance the security of your projects and have heard about Shift Left Security?
This article will introduce you to this approach, its advantages, its tools, and the support that Qim info can provide to successfully implement it.

Kubernetes experts

Do you need to switch to Kubernetes? Wondering how to choose the best expert? Qim info has the solution. Let’s quickly recall that Kubernetes (or K8s) is one of the most well-known and widely used orchestrators, enabling the management of application containers in open source.

CI/CD: definition and detailed guide!

Are you developing an application and want to deepen your DevOps methodology by automating your processes? You’ve heard of CI/CD but need a guide? This article is for you.

Cloud migration services

Cloud migration refers to the process of moving your data and applications to a Cloud. It can occur either from a private server to the Cloud, from one Cloud to another, or even from one Cloud to multiple other Clouds.

Cloud security solutions

Your company most likely has data stored in the cloud. But do you really know how to secure it? Are you aware of all the potential risks and the tools to protect against them? In this article, we will present the importance of cloud security, existing threats, how to implement a cloud security policy, and with which tools.