What is IT Performance Management?

Summary IT Performance Management: Definition IT Performance Management refers to all the observations, measurements, and analyses used to evaluate and optimise the performance of a company’s information system.IT performance management revolves around five key steps: Monitoring and observability of performance, by continuously collecting performance data on different components of the computer system, such as databases, […]

Cloud Architecture: Understand Everything in 5 Minutes

Cloud architecture is essential for properly designing your information system. Discover in this article everything you need to know about cloud architecture. Summary What is cloud architecture? First, let’s distinguish two concepts: The cloud resources themselves, including the infrastructure, services, and features provided by your Cloud provider How you use these cloud resources to create […]

Microsoft modern workplace management: how to implement it in your company?

What is Microsoft’s modern workplace? It literally is a tool for the modern office. It lives up to its name and offers a complete digital workplace. This dematerialised space operates with the cloud, allowing it to be used at any time and anywhere in the world. A considerable advantage for companies leaning towards more remote working/telecommuting and recruitment worldwide.

Understanding IT Outsourcing

What is IT Outsourcing Exactly? IT outsourcing is when a company delegates and entrusts its IT systems and services to an IT specialist. In this model, there is a service provider (the IT manager) and a client (the company opting to outsource this service). Outsourcing can be partial or comprehensive, conducted on-site or remotely, depending […]

IT Innovations That Defined 2023

As 2023 draws draws to a close, one thing is certain: this year has been rich in innovation and new developments in the IT sector! So, what are the key takeaways? We’ve pondered this question and prepared a concise retrospective of the year’s most significant IT advancements. Enhanced Security in Managed IT Services The evolving […]

Microsoft 365 : Qim info establishes governance for SIACG

Microsoft 365 governance: Qim info commits to a collaborative project with SIACG During the COVID crisis, the Intercommunal Computer Service of the Association of Geneva Communes (SIACG) urgently implemented certain Microsoft 365 functionalities for users across 44 member communes. To develop a governance strategy for its applications and introduce new services, SIACG turned to Qim info. […]

Qim info revolutionizes back-to-school at Institut Florimont

The criteria for a successful back-to-school experience are many and complex. Institut Florimont, a private school near Geneva, called on the services of Qim info to improve the integration of its new students and the transition to the next class for those already there.

Qim info develops a turnkey solution for IPR

Keen to guarantee ever greater security in the processing of reports sent to its prescribers, in 2015 the Institut de Pathologie Romand decided to call on Qim info to create a dedicated IT solution. A successful gamble, as the laboratory is considering new collaborations with the Custom Software Development department.   Confidentiality and Security: Project challenges […]

Why is SIG trusting Qim info?

goodGaz: the application that makes connecting to SIG gas easy In 2018, as part of a call for tenders, the Geneva public company SIG (Services Industriels Genevois) chose Qim info to develop goodGaz. This internal application tracks gas connection operations in the canton. Benoit Mermillod-Anselme, IT Project Manager at SIG, doesn’t regret that choice. Modernising […]

Java 17: what’s new

Java 17: new features and downloads Everything you always wanted to know about Java 17: improvements, new features, downloads, training. Table of contents Java is a programming language that is indispensable to IT development, insofar as many evolutions are based on its use: used on computers, smartphones and game consoles alike, it is proving to […]