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How do you choose the right IT support in Lausanne? Discover our services, customer testimonials and tips for a high-performance IT infrastructure.


Whatever the size of your company, using an IT service provider is an increasingly popular option.

Faced with the big ESNs, why choose a structure that’s geographically close by? The answer lies in understanding local issues and providing a personalized, responsive and flexible service. In this article, we reveal how choosing local IT support in Lausanne can be a major asset for VSEs and SMEs. We’ll give you some objective selection criteria, introduce you to the Qim info offer and finish off with some tips for optimizing your IT infrastructure.

How to select the right IT support service

Save time with our selection criteria.

Criteria for choosing an IT service provider

We have carefully detailed outsourcing IT support in a dedicated article.

So, when it comes to choosing your IT service provider, we believe above all that they should be a fully-fledged partnerwho works with you to make your business a success. That’s how we position ourselves at Qim info. Other points to consider include:


Choose a service provider with recognized expertise. How can we be sure?

  • our partners Qim info has forged numerous partnerships over the years with prestigious groups such as Nintex, Red Hat and TD Synnex. We are also a Microsoft Solutions partner. That’s how we negotiate the best deal for our customers.
  • Certifications For example, one of the members of our
    IT Operations & Support Services department
    department has obtained ITIL certification, attesting to our expertise in implementing best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM).

The experience

With 20 years of existence and a team of over 600 employees, we are proud of our third-place ranking in 2022 in the
ICTJournal ranking of the largest IT companies in French-speaking Switzerland
. Our article on the ranking of ESNs in French-speaking Switzerland
to find out more.

Interpersonal skills

They are particularly important if you want to build a relationship of trust with your partner.

  • Flexibility and modularity Your service provider needs to be able to meet your company’s specific requirements, but also to take your constraints into account – something we do very well at Qim info.
  • Quality of communication is paramount at Qim info. If we communicate effectively with our customers, the success of their project will be that much better and faster.

The reputation

Whether it’s customer reviews or employee feedback, here you’ll find relevant sources of information to help you form an opinion about your IT service provider. You can browse the QimCase section of our website, featuring customer testimonials and several of our projects.

In the end, the criteria we’ve listed will help you make your decision as objective as possible, but it’s your overall feeling that will make the difference! We are now going to develop the advantage of working with a local partner.

The advantages of local services in Lausanne

Today, many operations can be carried out remotely. Nevertheless, at Qim info, we value our geographical proximity to our customers, and our staff at the Lausanne branch are always at your disposal. There are four main advantages to geographical proximity:

  • Rapid response in the event of malfunctions or incidents
  • Savings on travel expenses
  • Knowledge of the local economic context We know the region’s IT suppliers inside out, making it easier to find the right solutions.
  • Frequent interaction between your teams and ours. This close relationship facilitates communication and coordination, and ensures better adaptation to your company’s specific needs.

What exactly do we offer?

Our IT support services in Lausanne

The IT Operations & Support Services department of our Center of Expertise takes care of your IT support needs.

User and Workstation Support

Our aim is to guarantee the efficiency and continuity of your IT assets. We offer you :

  • An N1/N2/N3 support service, both available and responsive,
  • Different means of contact depending on the situation: telephone, tickets, e-mail or videoconferencing,
  • License management and hardware acquisition,
  • Training and coaching programs for your teams.

The second part of our offer focuses more specifically on your infrastructure, system and network.

Secure Infrastructure and Networks

Your data is precious, and our mission is to secure it with a solid infrastructure and optimized network. To do this, we can provide you with :

  • Defining and implementing a cybersecurity strategy, including appropriate backup tools,
  • Deploying system updates and patches, which are a prerequisite for maintaining a high level of security,
  • Optimizing your network and servers,
  • Advice on improving your infrastructure.

We take the utmost care with each and every one of our services, whether they last a few hours or a few months. In fact, our customers talk about it far better than we do!

Testimonials from our customers, including the people of Lausanne

Our expertise has satisfied more than one customer, and we’re happy to share their feedback with you.

Feedback on our work

United World Wrestling

We also collaborated with United World Wrestling, the international amateur wrestling organization. They called on us to produce a complete network security audit. The result highlighted the importance of dividing the network in two: one for collaborators, the other for guests. As a result, guests using the Wi-Fi network can no longer access company data.

Le Kab

The accounting firm Le Kab was experiencing frequent Internet outages, hampering the work of their team. We quickly diagnosed a configuration conflict between two DHCP servers. Within a few hours, we not only stabilized the connection by adjusting the existing hardware, but also reinforced the system with additional security suggestions.

This episode highlights the value of expert collaboration in solving complex IT challenges in record time. A fruitful collaboration, since Kab has once again called on our services.

"We still have a number of projects, particularly in the field of collaborative tools and digitalization. We look forward to continuing the collaboration we started with Qim info on these subjects!"

Why do they recommend us?

To each his own: our customers want to concentrate on their core business and choose to delegate their IT support to us. It’s up to us to put this trust to good use!

Feedback from our customers is positive: they praise our availability, our responsiveness and our flexibility.

Benjamin and all the Qim info teams were very responsive and available to help us stabilize our IT system. They worked over weekends and outside our office hours to minimize the impact on our business.

In addition, we have a Centre of Expertise comprising six departments. For a project requiring a wide range of skills, we can call on all the specialists at the Centre d’expertises. We work in synergy to meet our customers’ needs.

How can you optimize your IT infrastructure in Lausanne?

To guarantee the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure, here are our best practices

tips for a robust infrastructure

who join

IT best practices to adopt


Secure your infrastructure

Against external threats, you need a powerful triad: firewall, antivirus and VPN. They are all essential, but each plays a different role.

The firewall acts as a barrier between an internal network and potentially dangerous sources from the Internet. Antivirus software is designed to detect, block and eliminate malicious software (malware). It regularly scans your machine to identify and neutralize threats. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device and a remote server, to guarantee the confidentiality and anonymity of your online activity.

Don’t forget the internal threat! Zero Trust is a security model based on three principles, the first of which is “Never trust, always verify”, meaning that the model is designed to prevent violations by eliminating implicit trust within the architecture. According to Statista by 2022, the number of Zero Trust security initiatives in the enterprise had risen to 97%, compared with just 16% in 2019.

Back up your data

Plan regular backups of your data, for example on an external server or data center. This step prevents data loss in the event of incidents or attacks. We have detailed data storage solutions in a dedicated articlewhich we invite you to consult. Depending on the type of data, a particular storage system will be preferred. This allows you to combine several data storage systems.

Draw up a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

The DRP is a structured set of procedures designed to get your infrastructure up and running again after a crisis. Each PRA is specific to a company, so it’s impossible to give a template. We can, however, mention the general elements listed in each PRA:

  • Identification of key activities to be pursued
  • Listing potential threats
  • Operational maintenance strategies
  • Specific procedures for each identified risk
  • Business continuity resources
  • Targeted recovery time.

Monitor your infrastructure in real time

Use automated tools to monitor your infrastructure, anticipate problems and make decisions based on accurate analysis.

Among the most popular monitoring tools are Nagios for its flexibility, Zabbix for its ability to monitor multiple networks, PRTG Network Monitor for its intuitive interface, Datadog for its specialization in cloud computing and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor for its variety of features.

Perform an audit

A complete audit of your infrastructure is necessary to identify needs and optimize system efficiency. We advise you to call in an experienced outside service provider for this operation.

Automate as much as possible

You and your colleagues are probably spending too much time on non-value-added tasks, which prevent you from having the time you need for your core business. Whenever possible, automate. For example, the management of pay slips or customer tickets can be automated, saving you precious time.

Take advantage of the Cloud

Cloud computing offers agility and elasticity, enabling rapid adaptation to changes and customer expectations. Medium-sized companies are relying on these technologies to improve the efficiency of their critical systems. Our range of Cloud consulting may also be of interest to you.

Standardize your infrastructure

Complicated architectures using different platforms can quickly become unmanageable. Standardization is essential. To do this, implement a single solution, in harmony with your current tools and processes, and integrate an open container orchestration platform to optimize the benefits of the Cloud. Find out more in our article on IT containerization.

Choosing a local IT partner means opting for trust, expertise and responsiveness. We look forward to partnering with you in the future. Let’s discuss your project togetherwithout obligation. Find out for yourself about Qim info’s IT support.

Benjamin Basset

Benjamin Basset

Head of IT Operations & Support Services at Qim info

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